Friday, January 24, 2014

Sepia Saturday - Jan 25

Sepia Saturday

I'm posting at Sepia Saturday today. This week's challenge:

Sepians in North America will be sick to death of snow, Sepians in Australia will be longing for snow, and Sepians in the UK are mostly glad that, at the moment, it is confined to old photographs. The image comes from a Cabinet Card in the collection of the national Museum of Norway and features in their Flickr collection. So weather you are longing for snow, hiding from snow, sinking in snow or wearing a hat with a feather in it, it is time to get out your submissions for Sepia Saturday 212.

Having grown up in Baie Comeau and Montreal snow photos are pretty easy.
And much easier to post as I sit in balmy Mexico while back home in Toronto it is -16C or 3F.

Mom, 1958 or 59 in Baie Comeau.

Dad, 1961, in Montreal.

Mom and Auntie Nell, 1957 in Montreal.

Uncle Brendan and me, 1957 in Montreal.


  1. Brrr! Melbourne is expecting another week of temps in the high 30s, but I'm not sure I'd really like it to be as cold as in your photos!

  2. There is almost a pink glow to the snow in your first photo.

  3. Your Dad has certainly dug a great path out of the house. Has your uncle been rolling you in the snow:-) I would like some snow here in the UK it would sure be a nice change from rain.

  4. These pictures make me want to grab a sweater, even right here in my nice warm house.

  5. In those black and white shots in particular, you can almost feel the cold. Makes me shiver just to look at them.

  6. Oh gee, it looks like right now, HERE! Great fun photos though!

  7. These are great photos to share. It is interesting that you were in a mountainous area right next to your house. Fun to see the older shots.

  8. The city looks pretty much like that still,
    aside from more recent car models and a few ore modern buildings,
    snow is piling up everywhere.
    Looks like you had a grand time with your uncle,
    since you're covered with snow.
    Odd how much we enjoy snow as kids
    and then, moan as adults because of it.
    Well, I know I am...


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