Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday - K

Jenny MatlockI'm linking up at Alphabe-THURSDAY today!

January 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico

It would just figure that when I decided to use Spanish words for each week that we are in Mexico, it turns out that there are very few words that begin with K. Most are borrowed "English" words such as kilometre and kilogram.

Mexico uses the metric system of measurement as does Canada, so this is not difficult for us.
This fruit stand shows the cost of the produce in kilos.

And a sign showing distance in kilometers - on the way to Durango! Click here to see more of our trip down the highway!


  1. What a fun picture! I love how the bridge was captured in the background.

  2. I would love to check out some of the goodies at that market!

  3. Beautiful scenery in that second shot! It all looks so warm!

  4. My sister used to spend a lot of time in Mazatlan.


  5. I don't know why America doesn't use the metric system too...

    I love the colorful fruit stand... Keep the wonderful photographs from your travels coming!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "K".



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