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Wordless Wednesday


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March 2014 - Tucson AZ

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Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday

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July 2014 - Prince Edward Island Canada

2015 New Zealand


Day 26 Queenstown - a free day to do chores and stroll around.

Day 27 - Queenstown to Franz Josef

Day 28 Franz Josef  the highlight of the day was the helicopter ride even though the unsettled weather didn't allow a snow landing.

Day 29 Franz Josef to Christchurch we take a (delayed) train to Christchurch in the rain, so not great views and we arrived so late that we didn't see anything of Christchurch.

Day 30 Christchurch to Rotorua We take an early morning flight to Rotorua, definitely a highlight.

The rest of the day we explored the town, went to the Hot Springs Spa and out for dinner.

Day 31 Touring Rotorua this was a morning of tours.

Then to a sheep museum.

Rainbow Springs

In the evening we went to the highlight Tamaki Maori Village.

Day 32 Rotorua to Auckland a lovely bus ride with lunch and a tour on the way. We couldn't take photos in the glow worm caves.

Day 33 Auckland we spent the day around town and then had a late overnight flight to LA.

Air New Zealand to LA

Day 1 Homeward Bound Los Angeles to Toronto

March 26 2015 - Los Angeles CA

So technically it is still the 26th for us when we land at LA even though we left Auckland at 10:45 PM March 26. We land early but it doesn't buy us anything since the gate we are booked at is still occupied.

We finally disembark at around 3 PM and head for the usual chore of customs and baggage. LAX has an automated system for Canadians, you scan your passport, remove your hat and glasses for a photo and are given a receipt with your photo (same as DC). Next to a customs officer who validates your receipt and passport and keeps your declaration. Next you pick up your luggage and get in another line. The officer is Russian and asks if we are arriving from or going to New Zealand. He then asks if we went to Nelson, no, and then what was our favourite. We say Milford Sound.
Out we go.

We head to the shuttles and are at the Marriott Courtyard in no time. We normally stay at the Hilton but this is next door to the long term parking where our car is. Also the Hilton charges for internet and Marriott also offers free breakfast. Check in very pleasant.

We just poke around for the next few hours. Wo go online and make some hotel reservations for the next few days.

We re-arrange the suitcases so we are only carrying one with the stuff we need.

We take a walk to the Sheraton next door for Italian, we are both craving spaghetti. On the way back we notice we are right next to that iconic sign for LAX and come back out with the cameras to get a shot.

I'm happy, finally

To bed after a very long day travelling back in time!!!!

Monday Mural

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April 2007 - Belfast Northern Ireland

I couldn't find any information on this other than it is dedicated to the Ulster Volunteer Force.

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Day 33 New Zealand to Los Angeles

March 26 2015 Auckland New Zealand

Finally a morning to sleep in and then we go across to Gloria Jean's for coffee.
Gorgeous sunny morning sitting in the shadow of the Sky Tower.

Practically sitting on the road, John asked me to let him know if anything was coming his way.

There are a lot more Maori here in Auckland.

We track Tim down and get a car for 6:30 PM for $35 to the airport.

We debate what we will do and then decide just to wander on our own.

 Cricket fever is rampant with New Zealand going to the finals.

I finally hav salt and pepper squid which I have wanted to try.

 It starts to rain and we grab a cab back to the hotel where we hang out until 4 PM, drop our luggage with the concierge and go to the casino bar to watch the cricket game, Australia and India.
Needless to say there are quite a few Indians in the bar.

 On our way to the airport.

 We are on the March 26 10:45 PM flight Air New Zealand from the International Terminal and arrive in LA on March 26 at 3 PM.

The wine in the lounge was terrible. But the cricket was on so John was happy. He's there in the mauve shirt.

Aboard, in my seat, watching Gone, Girl.

With my wine.

Salmon appetizer.

Pork belly sliders.

John, in front of me. Bed covers to far right.

Good night, all!