Monday, January 20, 2014

Our World Tuesday - Sanibel

Our World Tuesday Graphic

December 2013 - Sanibel Island Florida

Sanibel Island is world-renowned for its abundance of seashells, and if you look hard enough on any day of the year you are bound to find a few good-looking gastropod specimens. The island’s curved shape causes it to act like a shovel, scooping up shells from the Gulf of Mexico.


  1. Wonderful photos! The view on the first is fantastic but all the others are great too!

  2. your 4th photo is posted upside down.

    like the saturated golden hour colors of the last one.

  3. I love the sea and collecting shells and watching the waves…The bird is a great shot!

  4. I love collecting seashells, these days only with my camera though. This looks like a great place to be!


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