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City Structures

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Toronto ON

Canadian Artist of the Day

School is Out
Elizabeth Forbes 1889

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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News That Made Me Shake My Head

 June 2022 - Toronto ON

Or things that make me cry/angry 😢😠

So the undistinguished a$$hole relected premier of Ontario has announced his "new" cabinet.

Who is his Minister of Diversity? His 28 year old male, white, Anglo nephew, Michael.

Ford’s nephew was given a portfolio including citizenship and multiculturalism. Clearly because he represents Ontario’s diversity and knows what it takes to attain citizenship.

And where were they for the Pride parade? At the cottage, as usual.

Chrystia Freeland was there, she is a Canadian politician and member of the Liberal Party, current deputy prime minister of Canada and the minister of finance.
Trudeau has marched in previous years.

John Tory, mayor of Toronto was there.

Made Me Laugh

 June 2022 - Toronto ON

The Conservative Supreme Court Justices Sing "This Land Is My Land"

T for Tuesday

 T Stands For is hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard

Toronto ON

Friday July 1 is CANADA DAY!

Toronto neighbourhoods

Close up of Double Double

Ever stood in line at Tim Hortons and heard people ordering a “double-double” coffee? or maybe even a “triple-triple”?

The phrase double-double literally means coffee with two creams and two sugars. A variant of the phrase is “triple-triple”, which again literally means coffee with three creams and three sugars. Thus commonly used when ordering coffee only.

Here in Canada, we use slang terms like Double-Double, Loonie/Toonie (dollar and two dollar coins), Twig (hockey stick), and Tims/Timmes (Tim Hortons).

Toronto also known as TO.

London ON


Wordless Wednesday Wordless Be There 2day

Friday July 1 is CANADA DAY!

Toronto ON

Niagara Falls ON

Vancouver BC

New Hamburg ON

Tuesday Treasures

 Tom the backroads traveller hosts this weekly meme.

2022 - Toronto ON

Friday July 1 is CANADA DAY!

Canadian Artist of the Day

Teresa Marshall
"Mi’kmaq Universe". 2005

Monday, June 27, 2022

Photographing Public Art Challenge

June 2022 - Toronto ON

The City of Toronto requires that one per cent of the budget of every major new building be put toward the creation of a piece of art to adorn and improve the space it inhabits. It is up to the developers and their art consultants to find artists whose works will flush out some soul in amongst all the glass and concrete.

Francisco Gazitua has become a favourite of Toronto developers, with pieces of his now gracing developments by Concord Adex, Cityzen and Fernbrook Homes, and CanAlfa. 

The Chilean sculptor's Perpetual Motion, a reference to the industrial past of the area and in particular to the Inglis appliance factory which once stood on the site, was one of Liberty Village's first public art pieces. 
Interrupted by two buildings between them, Perpetual Motion is now joined by Split Rock Gap, a new piece which references time further back than Liberty Village's recent past. Gazitua's own words reveal his inspiration for the new work.
Years ago, while visiting Canada, my dear friend gave me a book of the works of the Group of Seven. Written in his dedication, he wrote that "their paintings still evoke the spirit of the land which is embedded in many Canadian lives."



Structurally, the work is made from painted stainless steel. The 3-tonne structure extends 11 meters high, grounded at a point which splits the load through a great steel ring, embracing a large granite boulder. The 50cm by 50cm ring also serves as seating, with the boulder at their backs.

One of Georgian Bay's iconic wind-shorn pines • Split Rock Gap model at Francisco Gazitua's studio in Chile
Their works, above all the paintings of Thom Thomson, truly capture the nature of the Canadian landscape. My work, Split Rock Gap, refers to these paintings, and their wind-shorn pines. The trees of the Great Lakes are the resilient sentinels of Canada - they rise through cracks in the hard granite of the precambrian shield. They bend and twist and push against the winter winds.

Monday Mural

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June 2022 - London ON

Some more murals from our London trip. These murals were found at Covent Garden Market, a lovely place to visit.

Click here to see the Market's outside murals.

Labatt's Brewery is in London.