Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 3)

Here's a recap of week 1 and 2.

I didn't include a special note in the above recap as it wasn't relevant to that topic. However, I must include it here. Anne loves postcards so I had sent her some from our travels from Canada down to Florida and then across the US to LA. 
Anne did me the honour of posting about the postcards I had sent her in her first post of the year.


Our visitors left at noon on Saturday after two weeks of sunshine and warm weather. The weather has continued to be the same 79F and sunny.
Except when we got back into the car on Thursday as it sat in the sun while we checked out some Mexican politics.


We visited the town of El Quelite with friends for breakfast and a stroll through this delightful town.

Got a lesson in some local Mexican politics which included visits to some off the beaten path towns.

Wandered around the historic district with an online travel guide.

Shoeshine in the Square

Walking the beach

I had a pedicure at Tippy Toes.

Atop the Freeman (Best Western) Hotel

Mariachis at condo

Salads and tuna sandwiches were on the lunch menu. 

Homemade salsa also made the menu.

Lunch out at Macaw's.

I  made one of our favourite recipes Spanish stewed chicken thighs. This made two meals.
On Thursday after a busy day out we went for the Prime Rib special, not expecting it to be great. Well, it definitely was a winner and we will be going back again.

We had steak, salad and baked potatoes for dinner one night. Ate at the Palapa a couple of times. You can see the restaurant under the thatched roof across the pool.
 I had the chicken breast soaked in butter and garlic, while DH had chicken fajitas. 

We had fajitas another night.

We got some groceries done on Monday and Friday.  This is our mode of transportation generally.

Above is a pulmonia, a golf cart styled taxi. When they first appeared almost 50 years ago jealous taxi drivers told customers not to use them as they would catch pneumonia.


We hadn't been to Mega before and it is an amazing place to do groceries, much nicer and better stocked than the Walmart we went to last week.


Sunday football

Loving having my linens and towels changed every three days and maid service once a week.

Bathrooms - we desperately needed to go after being on the "campaign" trail all day. Here we are being led to (what we thought was a church bathroom) a local house to use their personal bathroom. When we got to the top we climbed over to the blue house porch on the left.

More bathroom "humour"... when in a rush to use the banos at Mega be sure to take toilet paper from the single dispenser outside the cubicles or else you will find yourself (like me) sitting there wondering where the dispenser is in the cubicle. Moral - always have kleenex!

The moon


I feel like I'm in a musical time warp since we got here, mainly 70s and 80s. Lots of Dancing Queen, Stairway to Heaven, American Pie, Let's Get Together and on and on.
The best was getting into a pulmonia (see above) to do groceries and this was the driver's set-up:

Blasting the Eagles as we drive to the grocery store,

And as we returned (yes, the driver will wait for you to do your shopping).

They are always perfect here and this one was especially!

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