Sunday, September 30, 2018

In the Pink

September Squares Theme In the Pink #InThePink
Some thoughts from the host:
‘In the Pink’ – means perfect condition or in good health, so that could be human or not!
‘Tickled Pink‘ – means delighted, so I’m thinking happy, fun and of course delighted. That could be you or the subject of your photograph.
Pink – anything that is coloured pink but don’t worry if it isn’t pink!
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September 2018 - Toronto ON

I couldn't do a pink challenge without ending with one of our amazing sunsets.


One Word Sunday

July 2018 - Toronto ON

Crown Life Building

inSPIREd Sunday

Sally and Beth host inSPIREd Sunday!  

August 2018 - Toronto ON

When I started writing this I thought I had two posts, but then I realized how entwined both churches were that I had found on this trek.

The Church of the Epiphany and St. Mark, Parkdale, is a small inclusive parish of the Anglican Church of Canada. The church was founded upon the amalgamation of The Church of the Epiphany and The Church of St. Mark, Parkdale in 1983.


St. Mark, Parkdale was set apart as an independent parish on July 1, 1876. Prior to this the area had been part of St. Anne's parish. The first services were held on December 16, 1877 in a small frame building built on the church's present site on Cowan Avenue, below Queen Street. The lot cost $900 and the 25 ft x 15 ft building cost a further $600. The cornerstone of the current building was laid by the Bishop of Toronto on October 11, 1880. The church was opened and dedicated on January 20, 1881. As a result of significant population growth in Parkdale in the 1880s, the church grew from 40 families in 1880 to 320 in 1887 and the need for another parish was recognized.

Construction of the Church of the Epiphany took place at the corner of Queen Street and Beaty Avenue in 1887 and the first services were held on November 18 of that year. This building is still present south of the newer sanctuary building which was erected and opened on March 31, 1911.

The Church of the Epiphany had a close association with Wycliffe College. Its founding rector, Rev. Bernard Bryan, had been one of the nine men who constituted the first class at Wycliffe in 1877. This connection continued when in 1959 the Church of the Epiphany's rector, the Rev. Leslie Hunt, was appointed Principal of Wycliffe College. This connection gave the Church of the Epiphany an evangelical orientation.

As a result of shifting demographics in Parkdale, the Executive committee of the Diocese of Toronto confirmed the amalgamation of the parishes and congregations of the Church of the Epiphany and the Church of St. Mark, Parkdale on January 27, 1983. On February 8 of that year, the amalgamated vestry voted to locate at the Church of St. Mark, Parkdale and to accept an offer from the Maronite Church to purchase the Church of the Epiphany's buildings. This church is now known as Our Lady of Lebanon.

The Maronite Church is an Eastern Catholic sui iuris particular church in full communion with the Pope and the worldwide Catholic Church, with self-governance under the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches. It is headed by Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi since 2011. Officially known as the Syriac Maronite Church of Antioch, it is part of Syriac Christianity by liturgy and heritage.

June 11, 1983 marks the special Dedication day and the birth date of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Parish in Toronto (GTA) . It was during the mandate of the Superior General Elias ATALLAH and with the assistance of both, the Antonine Maronite order and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, that the previously named “Epiphany Anglican Church” at 1515 Queen Street West was purchased. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto and Bishop Elias CHAHINE of the Maronite Eparchy in Canada provided their unconditional support throughout.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Look Up

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September 2018 - Toronto ON

I attended a Heritage Toronto plaque unveiling this week at Metro Hall and as I left I walked past this piece of art. I worked in this area so it is not the first time I've taken photos of it, but still had to take another one even though I didn't know what the challenge would be today.

Created by Micah Lexier, it consists of 25 custom-made aluminum ladders of various heights. The rungs of each ladder holds different words that have been waterjet-cut out of a bar of aluminum. Each of the 350 separate rungs is a word selected from the "Synopsis of Categories" section of Roget's Thesaurus. The work merges an image of physical construction (ladders) with the elements of intellectual construction (words).

Gives new meaning to "looking up" a word!

A Photo a Week (From the Back)


September 2018 - Toronto ON

We attended the Elton John concert on Wednesday!

In the Pink

September Squares Theme In the Pink #InThePink

Some thoughts from the host:
‘In the Pink’ – means perfect condition or in good health, so that could be human or not!
‘Tickled Pink‘ – means delighted, so I’m thinking happy, fun and of course delighted. That could be you or the subject of your photograph.
Pink – anything that is coloured pink but don’t worry if it isn’t pink!
And the extra challenge for those of you up for it – can you manage to combine all three like I did last Saturday?The only thing you must ensure is that your main photograph is square, and don’t forget to pingback to one of my posts with the tag #InthePink.

Spanish Steps Rome Italy

I Only Ask to Be Free

Six Word Saturday

September 2018 - Toronto ON

Pink Saturday

I'm linking up over here today.

May 2010 - Kensington Palace London England

Friday, September 28, 2018

You Butter Believe It!

2018 - Queen St. West Toronto ON


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday it was 26 ° (79F) with the major storms that blew in during the afternoon and a cold front it was 13 ° (55F) when I decided to head out. I made it to the end of the driveway and changed my mind.
I had planned to go to an outside art show but decided I didn't really want to wander at that temperature.

John's phone was found so he went to pick it up.  Gordon Ramsey had twitted this morning about sticky toffee pudding so I had it in my head to make one.
I used Martha Stewart's recipe and it was excellent, the only caveat that she says 25 minutes to bake and mine took 40 minutes.

A magnificent sunset.

Burgers and the best coleslaw from Costco's - Moishe's. Other than the coleslaw we are still sticking to eating from the freezer/fridge. I had everything I needed for the toffee pudding as well.

Going into this week I had a loose menu plan using what we have. We will need some fruit and vegetables, however for some meals.
I made more soup stock last week as well, from the freezer bag of vegetable scraps.

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Gorgeous day as I headed out to Word on the Street WOTS down at Harbourfront.

I took the bus then subway then the streetcar because I needed to get the letter Q for an upcoming Roundup!

And then I made a stop at the Toronto Book Garden, I had spotted a few months ago but didn't have time.

The garden features paved stepping stones inscribed with all of the winners of the Toronto Book Awards, including Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye, Michael Ondaatje’s In The Skin Of A Lion, Kamal Al-Solaylee’s Intolerable: A Memoir Of Extremes and last year’s winner, On The Shores Of Darkness, There Is Light by Cordelia Strube.

Speaking of the Toronto Book Awards...

The Word On The Street is a Canadian book and magazine festival held each September in Toronto, Kitchener, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, and Halifax.

Each city's festival features author readings, workshops, information booths, marketplace, and reading- and writing-related activities. The mandate of the organization is "to unite the country in a national, annual celebration of reading and writing and to highlight the importance of literacy in the lives of all Canadians."

I had a chat with a cook book author and bought one of her books. When I got home and googled her, Marie Porter, it turns out she had been on Masterchef US way back in season 4. She now lives in Hamilton ON.

Colourful AND noisy!

I dropped into a couple of Harbourfront galleries.

Foto Tunes
Monday Mural

Billboard as I headed downtown.

Recreational marijuana will officially become legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018, the prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Oddly enough, it is also a local software company that started offering Web Hosting services in 1998.

My BFF and I went shopping at the Dundas Square Winners' store and came away with some good bargains.

I tried a new gluten free flatbread  and it was delicious!!! I would increase the amount of thyme and oregano. I served it with my new go-to bolognese sauce and spaghetti.


Rainy rainy morning as I met a friend for a coffee catch up that lasted 2.5 hours as we shared baked goodies.

We headed out to the Royal York Hotel, Library Bar, for drinks with a friend.


John played his weekly golf game very early in the morning. We then had an early dinner as we had tickets for Elton John's second sold out concert, his Farewell Yellow Brick Road.

He started at 8 sharp and didn't stop until 1045 no breaks.

Waiting for the streetcar.

Thursday Doors
Kammie's Odd Ball Challenge

Somehow I ended up being John's personal shopper today. I was in Winners and found a ton of sweaters for John so bought them for him to try. Then we took three back and got replacements!

Dinner was carbonara and I made these gluten free breadsticks that turned out perfectly, nice and soft. I've seen a video for this recipe on Facebook and they also used it to make biscuits and a fried flatbread.

So I found two good bread recipes that are keepers.

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I had gotten a ticket to a Heritage Toronto historical plaque unveiling at Metro Hall.

Kristyn Wong-Tam is a two-term City Councillor running for re-election in October.

The plaque was for British Home Children, who were they, I wondered as did many other people.

Over 100,000 destitute or orphaned children from the British Isles arrived in Canada by ship from 1869 into the late 1940s. The child aid organizations that arranged for the emigration claimed that Canada would provide better opportunities for a healthy, moral life. In turn, these children would provide farm labour and domestic help.

Upon arrival in Canada, the children were sent to distributing and receiving homes, and from there, to local families who agreed to provide lodging, schooling and an allowance in exchange for work.

The British Consul-General also spoke.

Click here for a fascinating article on one of the homes in Toronto.

Heritage Toronto will soon install plaques at the previous locations of two receiving homes in Toronto.

Eleanor McGrath and Wendy Pitblado, two of the driving forces behind a new documentary called "Forgotten" were in attendance.

A British Home Child interview.

A sample of a child's trunk.

After that I headed over to 401 Richmond to see the new displays.


I saw this on Twitter and thought it was funny.
From the Orkney Library - you can always tell when Sting has been in to return his books.

Not much reading done this week!


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