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 One Word Sunday

June 2020 - Niagara Wine Region ON

Eat Drink and Be Scary

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Sunday Salon

2017 - Edmonton AB

October 2020 - Toronto ON


Unlike in the U.S., conservative politicians in Canada are not doubting the wisdom of mask-wearing, Ian said. This spring, Doug Ford, the conservative premier of Ontario, described people protesting social-distancing measures as “a bunch of yahoos.”

And some top public-health officials in Canadian provinces have become semi-celebrities, as they have repeatedly urged social distancing, mask-wearing and other forms of caution. Imagine versions of Anthony Fauci, but ones who are praised across the political spectrum, rather than being called “a disaster,” as President Trump did with Fauci.

Finally a chart that uses an average daily rate per million population comparing Canada and the US by province/state. Quebec, Canada's highest number of cases ranks after California (#43) and Ontario follows Hawaii (#49).

Trump’s obstinance and hostility, it’s explained, is the result of a life spent creating an alternate reality in which he simply refused to entertain any challenge to his firehose of brand-embellishing bullshit, and eventually wore down any opposition to his invented world-view.

Some of our higher numbers can be attributed to those people who just HAD to have large gatherings at Thanksgiving.
We are already being warned that we shouldn't be planning any large Christmas get togethers. At the moment we are told to limit our contacts to those we live with and a maximum of 6 others. 

Halloween is very different. Door to door has been cancelled but many places are cashing in on drive through events.

There is also a Halloween drive thru light display. These cost an average of $30-$40 for 2 people per car. 

Casa Loma is running its annual Legends of Horror with social distancing rules in place.

Union Station this week.


The weekend was the usual, stayed home, did chores and whatever struck our fancy.

It was a quiet week, staying in, keeping away from people.

John golfed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I went to the stores on Monday and Wednesday, dropped a parcel at the post office. 

Thursday we had tickets for Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Experience, an interactive pop-up, bringing the essence of select chocolates to life with immersive multi-sensory themed rooms. However, the Department of Health has temporarily (hopefully) closed it done due to Covid.

Friday was cold and grey when I went to College Park to do some shopping. I couldn't believe the number of people out, Winners was packed as they had got their first Christmas inventory. It was the first time I saw the line at Service Ontario (renewals for driver's license, health cards, license plates etc) wrapped around the mall.

I am going back to going out early in the morning!


Saturday I did a roast chicken with mashed potatoes/cauliflower and mashed carrots and turnips. I also made gravy.

Sunday we used the leftover chicken to make hot chicken sandwiches with copycat Swiss Chalet sauce.

Monday was lamb shanks in dark (gluten free) beer with potatoes, carrots, turnip and celery.

Tuesday I did pork hocks using this recipe for schweinshaxe with boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday we were out of ice cream so I made a lemon mousse.

Burgers for dinner.

Thursday I used the meat sauce I had frozen along with frozen cabbage leaves to make lay cabbage rolls. 

I made the cranberry pumpkin loaves again.

Friday was steak frites, a joint delicious effort.


We watched and thoroughly enjoyed The Boys in the Band.

We finally finished all 11 seasons of Modern Family, our dinner time entertainment and thought it was an excellent series and the finale brought some tears.

Next up we tried the British Borderline. which was okay but after three episodes we abandoned it. 

Despite its many awards Arrested Development didn't last three episodes.

Suits, however, made the cut, although it is labelled as a drama. 

My cookbook to browse was The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook. I didn't really learn anything new nor found any recipes of interest. 

I started Peter May's I'll Keep You Safe.

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Weekend Roundup

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My last rounds were coffee and beer. So it's time for some food and sleep!

1. Starts with "R"
2. A Favorite
3. RED chosen by Tom

Starts with "R"
REST your head at the ROUNDUP Motel in Yellowstone Park Wyoming


REPLENISH yourself at REUBEN'S Villa RESTAURANT in San Bernardino CA

ROCK in the RED Light District in Amsterdam

Déjà Brew
A catchall for leftover beer, coffee and whatever catches my fancy!

RESTAURANTE RED wine in Guanajuato Mexico

Weekend Reflections

 Posting at Weekend Reflections

August 2020 - Toronto ON

CN Tower reflection

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

T for Tuesday

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I need to get my act together to produce some interesting posts for this challenge. In the meantime, since we are in a modified lockdown, and can't dine in anywhere, I'll rely on my archives.

On our trip to Ireland in 2015, a first time for our friends, we had used a private tour guide. While we were touring around Killarney, he took us to the island of Valentia and the surrounding area.

For lunch we stopped in an old post office now cafe.

Nothing like a bowl of soup, sandwich and a cup of tea!

Signs 2

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Wordless Wednesday Wordless Be There 2day
Mosaic Monday

Continuing with pit stops...
a stop (as during a trip) for fuel, food, or rest or for use of a restroom.

Killarney Ireland

River Kwai Thailand

Rotorua New Zealand

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Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

 Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

90% needs to be all one color

Danforth Ave Toronto ON

El Quelite Mexico

New York City NY

Orange and Green (separately or combined)

 Cee's Fun Foto Challenge 

Orange and Green (separately or combined)

Ring of Kerry Ireland

My salt and pepper set bought in Mazatlan Mexico

Las Vegas NV

Tuesday Treasures

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Travel Tuesday
Our World Tuesday
My Corner of the World
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Continuing with Toronto lane names.

Laneways, also known as alleys, are narrow streets that add to the diversity of the overall public space network, supporting the fine grain character of a city. ... Laneways can work as a network for pedestrians to navigate the city and build an overall identity for the city center.

Just 10 per cent of Toronto's more than 3,000 public laneways have a name. Usually the titles recognize community figures, events or local traditions, but many are delightfully strange with brilliant backstories.

This week I am just going with some random downtown lanes I have in my archives.

Biscuit Lane is named for Brown’s Bakery where Mr Christie first started baking cookies.
With Alexander Brown, Christie co-founded a city bakery, which became Christie, Brown and Company in 1853. By the 1880s, Christie's was considered to be the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Canada.

There really was a man named Mr. Christie and he actually made good cookies. He made such good cookie that Toronto named a street after him. William Christie moved to Canada in 1853 and was the co-owner of Toronto’s first bakery. The bakery sold over 4,300 boxes of cookie each year. After a few years of success and many returning customers a company slogan was made, “Mr. Christie, you make good cookies.”

Mr. Christie moved to Toronto's west end in 1948 and built a factory in Etobicoke which closed in 2012.

We can still see its landmark water tower from our place.




Reverend James Porter lived at 1 Wood Street. Reverend James Porter was the local superintendent for Toronto City Common Schools from 1859 until his death in 1874. He would have worked with Egerton Ryerson and previous Toronto mayors during that period to develop the foundation for Ontario’s education system.

This street sign, marking the laneway running on the western edge of the Wellesley subway station, is new. Chechalk Lane takes its name from one of the two chiefs of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation who signed the 1805 Toronto Purchase.

Foto Tunes

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Daytona FL

Toronto ON

Queenstown New Zealand

Monday Mural

 Monday Mural

October 2020 - Toronto ON

Evergreen Brick Works and Friends of Pan Am Path led a project to have murals painted on Bridge 81 concrete pillars on a disused rail bridge.


Liberty Du, who is widely recognized as Faith XLVII, is a South African Multi-Disciplinary Artist.

Her journey into art began on the streets of South Africa in 1979, as a young graffiti writer taking on the name Faith47 (the number being a reference to her grandmothers numerological theorem). In 2006, Liberty began on a nomadic journey which has brought her to create works in 39 countries and, in 2017, saw her relocating to Los Angeles, USA.

Japanese artist Hiroyasu Tsuri has done that a massive mural below the historic rail bridge featuring a large snake and plants native to the area.

I can't find any information on this mural.

Some other murals in the area.

Black and blue watertower
Flood Lines  Artists: Paul Aloisi and Dan Bergeron
Flood Lines addresses the increasing frequency of heavy rainfall events in our contemporary climate by creating a spatial dialogue between three cisterns and the roof of The Pavilions in which they collect water from.