Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday - J

Jenny MatlockI'm linking up at Alphabe-THURSDAY today!

January 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico
Today's letter is J
As I mentioned last week, in the spirit of being in Mexico for the next few weeks I am going to post Spanish words.

We had breakfast at Gus Gus at the marina last Saturday. DH had the omelet with el jamon.

Jamon - Ham
With frijoles refritos and papas.


  1. Yummy! I don't think I saw your link over at Jenny's yet. But you're on my blog roll so I viewed it that way!

  2. at least you are not having to put up with the cold weather.

  3. Clever! I'd like some huevos y jambon, por favor!

  4. Here's a Spanish "V" word for you--vibradoras--aka, rumble strips in the road! I loved going to Mexico when I lived in Tucson!

  5. that looks like a pretty good breakfast!

  6. Not sure that'd be my kind of breakfast. I like eggs, but that gray matter would turn me off.

  7. Yummy... You can never go wrong with ham!

    Those hash browns look pretty tasty too.

    Thanks for linking to the letter "J".



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