Friday, January 24, 2014

Mazatlan - la semana pasada (Week 4)

Here's a recap of week 1 and 2.
Week 3

Sunday dawned as our first overcast morning but that had burned off by noon. Temperature continues in high 70s. A little more cloud cover but not much.
Rained overnight on Tuesday and brought back the sunny days.

Lots of pool time.

Marina - decided to take a pulmonia to check this out for breakfast. Glad we only came for that as it is not very interesting, other than the boats. The area is full of Canadian and American gringos who seem to hang out here near their boats.

 Market - this is where we usually get off the bus and always stop in to check out the food and clothing for sale.

Weddings - Saturday was a busy day for weddings.
Click here for more wedding photos from this week.

Plazuela Machado is very different during the day when the street is open to traffic.

At night sitting in Pedro y Lola

Gran Plaza is an amazing shopping mall.

Got my hair cut for $50 pesos, you pay and then someone comes to cut your hair.Girl with pink hair is cutting mine.

Went on a day trip to the town of Malpica and Concordia which was celebrating the feast of San Sebastian.

Malpica is a charming little town.  The Golden Years post on our visit to Malpica.

Concordia - more photos.


Breakfast at Gus Gus at the marina.

Lunch at the Palapa prior to Sunday football.

Lunch at the Art and Soup Tour.

Lunch at Mary's - American style burgers.

Friends in for a roast chicken dinner.

Steaks with fried onions and green peppers.

After two attempts to get into restaurants and being turned away because we didn't have reservations we went back to Pedro y Lola.

Spanish spicy chicken thighs for football and also served as leftovers on Monday.

Breakfast in Malpica.


Sunday football - Torres Mazatlan staff prepping for game.

Unusual jobs - removing the coconuts for quests' safety. This man was clearing the coconuts and the palm leaves around the resort the other day. He was bare footed and carried his machete up a rope.

Really, ladies? Can you not see the yellow tape???

Buses are always fun and the drivers seem to be allowed to decorate them with their favourite football or baseball team stickers and holy pictures. Or even out of country license plates!

Check this bus out!

Fruit and vegetable delivery

Mazatlan Life provides daily details on what's on for tourists and ex-pats.

More bathroom humour - the washrooms at the public market are upstairs and "manned" by a man. It cost $3 pesos and he will give you a small amount of toilet paper. The cubicle doesn't have a toilet seat, the door won't lock and it is smaller than a telephone booth. I leave the managing to your imagination.


To listen to some of the music around town click here.

This week's song is  Cucuruccu Paloma. On our first trip together to Mexico (Cancun) in 1979 we first heard this song.

Is getting later every day almost 6PM at the end of this week.


  1. Great pictures. Ughhh the toilets. Nobody in the pool in the picture its empty wow. Hope your having fun.

    Erika in Oregon where its 32 right now. :(

  2. Hello Jackie, I am trying to keep up with you :-) this place seems so culturally different , not sure what I make of it . thank you for giving us an insight . I don't even want to think about the toilets YUK,

    Take care wherever you are , but I do hope you are having lots of fun too. xx


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