Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekend Cooking

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January 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico

As we are in Mazatlan for two months in a condo I thought I'd share some food/cooking photos.

The challenge in a timeshare is the lack of your pantry basics so you learn to make do. Often if you rent a private home the previous renters will leave basics behind so you have staples like flour, sugar, spices.

Our kitchen - that's cilantro in the glass with the plastic bag over it.

Reading labels at the grocery store can also be a challenge! A flyer from Mega. Prices are in pesos!

Check Carol's blog for a glimpse inside the store.

Local soft drink (bebida) - ToniCol I've heard it is a cross between root beer, cola and cream soda...

A sample of some items we have bought.

 Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!! Click here for some tomato dishes we made.

Or you can shop at the market

Head cheese????


  1. The kitchen looks cute! And some of the items at the market are ... shall we say "interesting"? LOL

  2. The pictures of the markets are beautiful!

  3. Wow! Those photos are great! I would get nervous about all the meat sitting out in the open, but I guess you buy it fresh and cook it right up.


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