Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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March - Black and white in colour

February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico


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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Immanuel Presbyterian Milwaukee WI

September 2016 - Milwaukee WI

Organized in April 1837, Immanuel Presbyterian is the oldest continuing congregation in Milwaukee. When its 1874 structure (1100 N. Astor St.) was built, it was touted as the state’s largest Christian church, and one newspaper called it “the most magnificent church edifice ever erected in the West or Northwest.” One of Edward Townsend Mix’s most important commissions, it soon became a major tourist attraction. The limestone structure was accented with dark red and gray sandstone trim, giving it the polychromatic look of buildings in Venice. The congregation could also brag about its original pipe organ, powered by a water motor using available pressure from the street main. In 1887, there was a fire, and the fire engine got stuck in the snow several blocks away. It took six horses to get it out, but by then, the entire inside of the church had burned. After two subsequent reconstructions, the church was completely restored.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Cream on your Tacos

February 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico

For the weekly posts I found a list of Mexican Idioms that I thought would be fun to use. I will also post the meaning.

“You’re putting too much cream on your tacos.”
(Le echas mucha crema a tus tacos)

Meaning you’re kind of a stuck-up.

Saturday lazy morning. John cooked bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast on the balcony.

Here's the band that was playing yesterday morning.

And John got a shot of one of the flamingos as we ate.

We took the bus to the Central Market and just wandered. On our way home we picked up some tomatoes, carrots and scallions, much better and cheaper produce than Mega.
The tomatoes were delicious at 7 pesos a kilo or 45 ¢ a kilo.

Soursop (Guanabana)

A wedding! You'll have to click on the link below to see lots more wedding style.

We notice that the menu at Water's Edge, a restaurant we like, has gluten free items marked on their menu.

Click here for LOTS more photos.

Sunset before the sun started sinking behind a think bank of dark clouds a foreboding of the rain to come.

It started raining around 10 PM and didn't let up until morning.

Sunday the restaurant roof outside our suite is metal and the rain reverberated throughout the night. It suddenly stopped around 7, as if someone had turned off a tap and this was the view.

John made a delicious breakfast of fried tomatoes, bacon and scrambled eggs. He had his with a cheese quesadilla.

Then we seemed to fritter the day away, reading, watching movies. We didn't even step out.

Monday we had some pool time before we got ready for dinner with Bill and Carol at Centenario's.  So colourful!

Murals in the parking lot.

Bill, Carol and I.

Each of the tables in the booths are painted differently. Click here to see Carol's post with photos. She's got the bathroom photos.

My coconut shrimp.

Everyone else had steak.

The bar or cantina, has a saddle seat and some swings.

Fun ceiling.

Tuesday Bill and Carol picked us up outside at 9 AM.

We were going for breakfast at The Culinary Market in town. See Carol's link above as they had eaten here the day before and highly recommended it.

A full English breakfast! The chef/owner's wife is English.

John was watching the bakers while we waited for a table.

Carol had the French Toast with strawberries and Bill had the homemade Italian sausage with eggs.

We then parted ways, me for a pedicure Bill to take his quiche home.
Walking  through Plazuela Machado, always lovely.

Tippy Toes had a wait so we went into the Archaeological Museum as it was on today's agenda anyway.
Click here for more details of our day.

I took this photo a couple of days later from the Freeman Hotel to show you how close everything is.

John went for a walk along Olas Atlas.


Yellow "high-rise" is Freeman Hotel.

John, taking my photo unknown to me as I am waiting for my toes to dry and eavesdropping on various gringo conversations.

Across the street to the Art Museum.

Found Carol's quilt shop.

Sat with drinks at Plazuela Machado where Roberto now works.

Wednesday we went to Mega for some groceries, had wraps for lunch and then did some pool time.

Some snacks.

Thursday we get on the bus and head downtown. This guy (John, please turn off the fisheye!) sat behind us belting our songs. He then asks for money.

There are beer tents set up every half a block along the Malecon in preparation for Carnaval events from Thursday to Tuesday.

Disembarking at the market I can't help snapping a photo or two.

There was supposed to be Muestra Gastronomica or food festival according to Mazatlan Life.

Well, talk about a non-event. No signs of any festival.

We decide to go to the Freeman Hotel.As usual, it takes a while as we get sidetracked down this or that street.

I'm looking! Didn't go in today but we will as I really like this gallery even though it tends to be a bit pricey.

In 1940 this was Mazatlan's first skyscraper.

You take the elevator to the 9th floor then walk up to the 12th for amazing views.
You can see the gate set up for Carnaval entry.

You can then climb up to the roof for more stunning views (and margaritas).

Looking way down onto the beach.

Still no action in the plaza on our way back. But did stop into Panama for a pastry for me and a box of truffles.

Friday we walked to Royal Villas (2.1 km each way) and back to make a reservation for dinner. Jose was there and took our dinner order. We spoke to Brenda at the pool. Several of the servers welcomed us back.

We stopped into El Cid, also a timeshare, to check it out. Every hotel in town is sold out for Carnaval.

On the way we stopped and I bought a new bathing suit.

We changed into warmer clothes as the wind had really picked up and took a pulmonia to Royal Villa.

John chose coconut shrimp with fries for dinner and I tried to resist but the rib eye was calling to me with fries. We shared Jose's superb Caesar salad. Photos of all are in the first two weeks of posts. But i'll post them here again!

The goal is not to buy too much and eat up what we have as we will be moving resorts next Monday.
We ate out twice and have reservations for Saturday night at Angelo's.

Saturday - leftover chili
Sunday - pork chops potatoes and sauteed cabbage with onions
Monday - dinner out at Centaurio
Tuesday - curry chicken and vegetables
Wednesday - leftover chicken - even more spicy than last night even with more sauce added. With a salad.

Thursday - chili
Friday - Royal Villas rib eye and coconut shrimps with Caesar


16 read YTD

Finished The Paris Librarian it was okay. Wouldn't entice me to read any more of the series.

The Silent Wife I finished this in one day. I hated all the characters yet loved the story.Todd, the husband, is a cheating scumbag. Jodi, the wife, is a woe is me suffering wife with her perfect clothes and perfect cooking.

The Vanishing Year the plot kept me interested.

The Hill Bachelors  was a quick short story read, quite sad reading about people who don't live out their lives through fear of the unknown.

Life on the Refrigerator Door beyond sad as we realize that for some people, life is reduced to post-its and text messages.

The Lovers as I was reading this tragic love story of life in Afghanistan I got my weekly copy of Toronto Life with a similar story of forced marriages. I ended up getting exasperated as I plodded through, this couple is being given all kinds of help and can't seem to grasp what these people are trying to do for them.

Started Splinter the Silence, a British crime series that are always a good read.


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