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British Isles Friday

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I've been doing some memory lane posts of trips before digital and before blogging.

I first traveled to England with my Mom in 1960 and then my parents took us back as a family in 1970 which I posted last week.

My eldest Mc Guinness cousin was born there when her Dad, my Dad's older brother went to England in the late 1940s to find a job and ended up working for British Rail his entire life.

John and I have made many trips to the UK. The first trip was in 1986 and we stayed in London and then went to Milton Keynes to stay with my uncle and visited Oxford and Stratford. I would like to go back to Oxford and Stratford now with the amazing cameras. Also our travel tastes have changed and we are more interested in architecture and history.

This week I'll post some London photos. Some of these places are timeless (unlike us) and will reappear in other years.

The Bank of England

Outside the Tate.Yup, that's me.

No trip is complete without a stop at Buckingham Palace.


Queen Victoria.

Carnaby St. was definitely more exciting in the 1980s than it is now.

Egyptian sphinx statue by Cleopatra's Needle on the Thames embankment with John.

Covent Gardens

The Dickens Inn is an original warehouse building near Tower Bridge, Tower of London and the Shard. As an original warehouse building, it's thought to have housed tea or to have been owned by a local brewery. It certainly existed at the turn of the 18th century and may well have been born in the 1700's. During the early years as a pub "The Tavern Bar" used to feature sawdust strewn floors and no bottled or canned beer was stocked. Diners also enjoyed candlelit meals on the balconies; this practice has been phased out due to modern fire safety regulations!

It is still there!

Nowhere like London for a good curry! John seems to blend right in.

Hobnobbing at Madame Tussaud's.

Leister Square some things are the same. We still go there to get discounted theatre tickets.

So what did we see in 1986?

According to their fan site this was:

Time Premiered April 9th 1986
at The Dominion Theatre
Tottenham Court Road
West End - London

"It was like no theatre I had seen before, and I am sure that it was true for most of the audience. They (the sets) were incredibly high-tec and drew gasps and applause night after night"
Cliff Richard

You can go over to their site for some incredible videos.

Marble Arch - The structure was designed by John Nash in 1827 to be the state entrance to the cour d'honneur of Buckingham Palace. Still there.

Still Standing - Nelson's Column is a monument in Trafalgar Square built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Another icon, Westminster Abbey.

A pub for lunch, to my amazement it was still there with this sign in 2010.

 St. Paul.

Piccadilly Circus.  

Rodin outside the House of Parliament. Not sure if it is still there.

 Tower of London, always worth a visit.

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March 2016 - Toronto ON

Captured while having coffee on the Danforth at Patisserie La Cigogne. 

You can see the reflected Irish flag flying over at Sarah's, St. Patrick's Day was a few days before.

Happy Birthday

March 2016 - Toronto ON


Happy Birthday to my beloved husband, John today. He is my life partner, my travel companion,

May you always fly high in life and touch all your dreams. I love you for everything you are.

Monday, March 28, 2016


January 2016 - Guadalajara Mexico

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

Song-ography is hosted by You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, a fantastic photographer and funny lady.

Tuesday's Treasures

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April 2015 - Hodgenville Kentucky

I was working my my recap of 2015 (finally finished a couple of weeks ago) and came across these photos taken last year when we were driving home from LAX to Toronto.

Click here to see a mini Lincoln Memorial with Lincoln's cabin inside.

The Lincoln Museum is located in Hodgenville, KY three miles from Abraham Lincoln's birthplace on Sinking Spring Farm at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.

A series of life-size dioramas, period artifacts, and a superb collection of wax figures brings to life the major events in Lincoln's life.

From the "Cabin Years" to "Ford's Theatre" and the years between, visitors of all ages enjoy this close-up experience with one of the world's greatest leaders.

The second level of the museum features a variety of exhibits, including: rare newspaper clippings, campaign posters, and Lincoln memorabilia. A Lincoln art gallery on the second floor is filled with paintings, drawings, and other artworks related to the Lincoln era.