Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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January 2014 - El Quelite Mexico

More photos of our first visit to this town can be found here and here.

El Quelite is about 30 kilometres from Mazatlan, but in reality it is a million miles away from the touristy side of Mexico. This is a thriving small town which bases its living on cattle raising, agriculture, fruit growing and dairy products.

It is such a quaint town and even has a song written about it.

Our first stop is at the bean factory. The woman in red also owns the town's cheese factory which turned out to be closed on this day.

These women are sorting the beans and removing any dirt or stones. 

 All these beans will be used by the town either as food for the locals or as feed for the cattle.

The streets are mostly cobblestones and lined with ferns and bougainvillea and roses. The businesses and homes are delightfully painted in bright colours.

Builders working on a house, they toss the bricks to a worker standing on the second floor. John and Bill try their hand at some manual labour.
He shoots, he scores!!

 The workers thought this was great fun and were probably thinking crazy gringos!

Another restaurant in town.

The panderia or bakery.

Some shopping...

Oh, a cock farm, enough said...the cocks are chained  to their `palapas`.

On a lighter note this grandfather is picking his grand-daughter up from school.


  1. Love the frijoles shot in particular. What wonderful memories these photos bring back of our Mexico travels.

  2. Wonderful colours. You had me at cobblestone streets, bougainvillea and red roses. What a wonderful experience this must have been.

  3. I would really love to go to Mexico. Living in Australia though I really have no idea what to expect and where to go. These photos have got my feet itching.

  4. Always love the bright colors of Mexico. This looks like an interesting town!

  5. What a fun set of photos! I would be horrible at throwing bricks. One would probably land on my head. That Viking hat is funny. I'm guessing that the Vikings never made it anywhere near El Quelite. And that granddad picking up the girl from school really captures the feel of this town.


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