Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - El Quelite

January 2014 - El Quelite Mexico

These photos were taken at El Meson de Los Laureanos where we had breakfast this week.

More about our day can be found here.

The inviting entrance

Some of the bathrooms

 Yes, in case you were asking yourself, this is a urinal. 


  1. Your photos make me want to travel. Alas, that will not be possible for awhile.
    I am attracted to the color in Mexico. So happy happy!

  2. Love all the tiles and the details. Great pics. Here's Mine

  3. Such gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful adventure...and I love your new blog look, too. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. I like the plants, and the artworks, and the lovely orangey coppery colours. My snapshot is at

  5. I love the colours - so vibrant, warm and earthy - exactly how I imagine Mexico :-)

  6. It all looks so atmospheric- but that urinal really made me laugh!

  7. What a place! So much to see around the restaurant!


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