Saturday, January 18, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday

January 2014 - El Quelite Mexico

This church dates from the 1800s and is a perfect little jewel.

More El Quelite photos.

The graveyard is not associated with the church and it is located outside of town (next to a cock farm, which is a whole different story).


  1. That's amazing. Stunning. And so completely different from anything you'd see in the UK.

  2. Wonderful! I liked the statuary in your first shot.

  3. The architecture of the churches of Mexico certainly had a strong and lasting influence on the architecture of churches in California. The church you show could just as easily be in California.

    «Louis'» post is of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco and includes the musical odyssey of Thomas Tallis' Third Mode Theme from chant tone to hymn to fantasia.

  4. To underscore the point about how the architecture of the church you've shown here is also found in California, the Spanish padres built a chain of missions, El Camino Real ("The Royal Road") from San Diego at the Mexican border to Sonoma in what is now the wine country north and east of San Francisco. Here is one such church, San Juan Bautista ("St.John the Baptist").

    «Louis» is pleased that you like the music he added to his inSPIREd Sunday post. He tries to pick music appropriate to the denomination of the church he has shown for these posts.

  5. A jewel it is. Pretty color surrounds with the urns of flowers.


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