Friday, January 17, 2014

Mexican Politics (Saturday Snapshot)


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I am constantly teased about being the "paparazzi" as I always have my camera at hand. And I certainly chose the new right shirt to wear for our adventures.

Well, today I finally had my chance. The Golden Years invited us out for the day beginning with breakfast in El Quelite. They picked us up at 9:15 and we drove to this quaint town. I will post the photos of the town and restaurant another time as this post is about being a paparazzi in Mexican politics.
map of Puente El Quelite

Our "tour guide" decided to stop in the town of  Puente El Quelite. This is a small town off the beaten path and four gringos certainly made an impression. Everyone was gathering around the bandstand so we parked to investigate. There was a truck full of serapes or blankets. 

 The crowd is gathering.

Since Bill can speak Spanish we learned that the congresswoman Paquis Corrales (link to her Facebook).
She is on the road promoting a plan to provide Mexicans with funds to renovate their homes. Many still do not have indoor bathrooms.

I will link up The Golden Years' recap as she will do a better job of explaining the program since she is married to Bill, our "tour guide"!

She was there to provide blankets and when we asked "porque" a senora replied "frio" meaning it gets cold...

Our photo op.

Who knew at this point that we would follow her to several more towns. Lots of fun down back dusty roads to places probably off the GPS.

She is a wonderful speaker and totally engages her audience.

In all we went to El Puente, Marmol, El Recreo, Camacho, El Zapote.

 Bill chatting to one of her team.

 These are poor towns where agriculture is the main source of work. The average worker earns 72.50 pesos per day or $6 CDN picking tomatoes, sorghum, corn, cactus.


  1. Amazing photos! I feel as though I was there....thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog. Enjoy!

  2. Great pictures and what a wonderful opportunity for you!

  3. Such a well-travelled bunch on SS this week - I particular like the shot of the pollie hugging the child in the poncho in the background - it's curious how the eye is still drawn to the central point.

  4. What a fascinating experience you had. Mexico must be an amazing place to visit. You seem to be having quite a long holiday- much better than a Canadian winter I'm sure.

  5. Interesting experience you had traveling in Mexico. Thanks for sharing. Here's Mine

  6. Such a wonderful experience!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here is my snapshot post.

  7. Having your camera on you all the time is the best way to get great shots. You've just proved it.


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