Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time Travel Photo Thursday


Time Travel Thursday and Travel Photo Thursday.

April 2004 - Padua Italy

While staying in Venice for a week we took the train to Padua for a day trip as it is only 40 km west of Venice.Jacopo Dondi dell'Orologio (1290–1359), also known as Jacopo de' Dondi, was a doctor, astronomer and clock-maker active in Padua, Italy. He is remembered today as a pioneer in the art of clock design and construction.

He supervised the construction of a large public clock with a dial, commissioned by Prince Ubertino of Carrara. He may also have contributed to its design. The clock was installed in the tower of the Palazzo Capitaniato, Padua in 1344. There is some evidence that it indicated and struck the hours from 1 to 24, and also that it displayed the age and phase of the moon and the place of the sun in the zodiac. Both the tower and the clock were destroyed in 1390, when the Milanese stormed the palace. A replica of the clock is in the Torre dell'Orologio of Padua, which was built in 1428.

Padua boasts a picturesque network of arcaded streets, numerous bridges, and large communal plazzas.

The Prato della Valle, a 90,000 m² elliptical square has a wide garden surrounded by a trench which is lined by 78 statues portraying famous citizens.


  1. Padua looks like a very picturesque city to visit. I love the architecture. So pretty.

  2. The clouds provide a lovely backdrop for the architecture. Beautiful.

  3. That clock is so intricate. I guess if you're going to do the first one, better do it big and grand. I am intrigued by that trench. Is it purely decorative or did it have a defensive purpose for the town?

  4. The clock is beautifully intricate. It was a grey day hope you didn't get wet. Italy is always beautiful but thanks for the tour of Padua.

  5. I absolutely LOVE that clock! like everybody else ha ha :-P I'm in love with Italian architecture and art

    -Maria Alexandra


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