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Life of B July Squares Challenge

Savannah GA

It's My Birthday

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Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge

Toronto ON

Doors are good rectangles.

Tuesday Treasures

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Toronto ON

I love wandering this city and learning about local heroes.

This statue of Dr. Norman Bethune was unveiled in 2014 surrounded by trees at U of T, where the Gravenhurst, Ont. native completed his medical degree in 1916.

Canadian physician Norman Bethune (BSc Med 1916) was a military surgeon, inventor and humanitarian who greatly advanced medical science and helped improve life in his adopted country of China.

Bethune developed the first mobile blood bank service, which allowed for blood transfusions on battlefields. He also pioneered new surgical techniques and instruments, and was one of Canada’s earliest proponents of universal health care. He is revered in China for training its doctors and paramedics and ministering to wounded soldiers and sick villagers during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The life-size bronze sculpture features him wearing traditional Chinese clothing and a stethoscope.

The piece was created by Toronto sculptor David Pellettier, the artist behind the ferry terminal statue of late NDP leader Jack Layton.

The sculpture is inscribed with words adopted from Bethune’s writings:

“… I am content. I am doing what I want to do. Why shouldn’t I be happy – see what my riches consist of. First I have important work that fully occupies every minute of my time… I am needed."

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge Animals

January 2016 - Lake Chapala Mexico

Tree carvings in a restaurant.

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Paris in July

Thyme for Tea is hosting "Paris in July".

For this theme I have been highlighting our Paris in May 2019 photos.

I "flipped" through the photos looking for inspiration for this week and saw how many food photos we had!

But I am going to start the menu in Dijon, not Paris!! We did a tour that started and ended in Paris.

Check list for dining in Dijon:

✅Begin with a kir
✅Borgogne wine with dinner

✅Eggs en Meurette  is a classic Burgundian dish of poached eggs in a rich and flavorful red wine sauce.


✅Beef bourguignon

✅Cheese plate for dessert.

Now back to Paris!

On arrival, croissants ✅on Avenue de Suffren, around the corner from our hotel.

Steak tartare ✅also on Avenue de Suffren.



Oeuf mayonnaise✅, a staple of Parisian bistros

Steak frites✅

Citron et miel crepes✅

Beaucoup de plats de fromage! ✅✅✅

Un autre steak et frites.


In Sisteron, a skinny baguette✅, spread lightly with butter and layered with thinly sliced ham, an iconic French sandwich, sold in lunch restaurants, by street vendors, available everywhere. DELICIOUS!

French Riviera - more moules!

Traditional lamb stew in Monte Carlo.

It appears we ate well in Carcasonne!

This was our meal in the hotel, part of the tour, mushroom and walnut salad.

Pork stew

Poached pear in wine.

 A delicious lunch in Carcasonne in sunshine!

Goat cheese salad.

 John's sausage and fries and my cassoulet.
Here is a recipe for cassoulet, which is basically pork sausage, duck leg and beans. Another ✅

Another included hotel dinner in Lourdes.

Duck leg.

Group dinner in a bistro in Bordeaux.

Chicken with mushroom sauce.

Pineapple sorbet.

Optional countryside dinner in Bordeaux.


Canelés, small, sponge-cake-like confections, are a speciality of Bordeaux. It is said that they were invented to make use of the leftover egg yolks at a time when egg whites were used to filter wine.

A definite highlight for me was lunch in Bordeaux at Bar y Vin.

Delicious duck pate✅ with a raisin bread.

Merlot salt.

A selection of chocolates for dessert.

I think we've covered the Cookbook of French Cuisine!!!

‎À votre santé!