Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Sights - Mazatlan

Just some average sights around town.

No worries - it's just a cardboard cutout!!

Full house!

Four of a kind!

Parking attendants - this area has two hour free parking, however it is "manned" by two guys with initiative. They wave you into a parking spot and then help you back out as it is located near a roundabout. 

Everyone gives them a few pesos for their help and in turn they wipe down your mirrors. For a few pesos more they will give your car a complete wash.



  1. it's good to see people using their initiative and not relying on hand outs.

  2. Some readers may be in state of shock while watching 4 people on a motorcycle or the passengers on the pick up truck dragging their feet on the pavement while riding happily sitting on the car's tail gate, but those images are common here because vehicles don't go too fast neither the traffic is as dense as in the United States. Mazatlan is for fun. It`s not like the US where EVERYTHING is either banned or controlled. To give you an example: The Beaches. You'll find a sign or two preventing from littering or going into the sea when it is dangerous because of the high tide or big waves. In the US there are hundreds of these signs covering any possible aspect of having full fun at the beach. I'm from Mazatlan, I live here and truly enjoy reading these posts because they reflect the way foreign people look at us. Give us a visit. You won't regret it.


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