Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Stone Island

February 2019 - Mazatlan Mexico

Stone Island is just a stone's throw from Mazatlan. The peninsula that isn't actually an island at all is known as Isla de las Piedras in Spanish.

We took the Sabalo Centro bus to the docks where you will find inexpensive transportation from Mazatlan to Stone Island's beach on a canopied open-air ferry, or "panga," across Navigation Channel. 

Our ride.

This sign deceived us, as we followed it. If you want to hit the main beach strip you just need to walk straight up from the panga.

Instead we had a scenic walk.

El Faro at the top.

Trawler, cruise ship and another smaller cruise ship.

There are several restaurants down this way, but they didn't appear to be open today.

We could see the main beach strip across the water so we headed back that way.

We stopped in the first place for lunch. It was good but would probably walk a little further next time to one of the busier spots.

Unlike Mazatlan beaches where sneaky waves can make swimming dangerous, the water at Stone Island beaches, due to its protected location, is calmer and warmer, making the beaches popular with locals as well as visitors. Beachfront cantinas string up occasional hammocks along with tables and chairs set out under palapas to provide shade for customers and their ice-filled buckets of beer.

Well, who do we have here!

And he rode off to....

These vendors work hard, trudging all their wares through this sand.

Here's a close up.

Looking across at where we first thought we would have lunch.

Before going back to the mainland we took a walk along the dock.

This is the Carnival Splendor and it holds at max capacity3,710.

Here's her schedule.

And this is what the port looks like with Stone Island on the right. Image found online.

Walking back to the panga. The tour companies use this tractor drawn wagons to take their passengers on a tour of the island. $36 US ($47 CDN) per person includes hotel pick-up, catamaran to island, wagon tour, lunch, open bar and one activity such as horseback riding or banana boat. Plus tips.

Bus 22 (return) pesos each + panga $30 pesos each + lunch with beers 150 pesos each
let's say 250 pesos each = $17 CDN per person.

Walking back to the panga.


Her wheelbarrow contained candies.

Ride back.

Why have we never gone over here before? Well, not true, we had taken a tour back in 2002 with family.

Sea lions!