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Sepia Saturday - Jan 11

Sepia Saturday

I'm posting at Sepia Saturday today. This week's challenge:

210 : Now search your books and find those old photographs

We/I don't have any photos hidden in books. I am now the keeper of the old photos and they are all in one place and also scanned. 
Also since we are away from home for the winter I don't have any access to possibilities like our childhood bible.
However my mother had this box she had made many, many years ago from old birthday cards which held pieces of jewelry.

Therefore I went with the theme of a "book" itself for this week.
I've always been a voracious reader. As a child I loved going to the library and read my way through all those children classics, such as Nancy Drew, Five Little Peppers, Trixie Belden to name a few. I loved the series of autobiographies the library carried telling the stories of famous women.
My parents were more than happy to buy us books as well.
Obviously I would read anywhere! I can't quite place where this is, other than it is in Montreal in the very early 60s.


  1. The Five Little Peppers was one of the few hardcover children's books I owned, but I can't remember what the story was about. I read a lot of Nancy Drew books and"Childhood of Famous Americans" series books from the library.

  2. That stove on the right looks familiar. We had one on the deck for a short while. It was a combination wood/electric and the electric went out and the insurance man nixed the wood part.

  3. I got my library card to the local library when I was around 10 & the world opened up! But not to Nancy Drew. To the OZ books & stories about dogs & horses & football. Yes, football. I listened to Saturday afternoon football games on the radio with my Mom & Dad, & played football with the boy up the street IN the street, & I still love the game even though, when my best friend came around, that boy would call time out & while I stood waiting in the street to resume our game, he'd take her into his garage & kiss her! He told me he was going to show her something for a minute, & he certainly did! I was pretty dumb, I guess. Anyway, I, too, loved to read when I was growing up & still do.

  4. Las fotografías son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y compartamos nuestros blogs y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidor.

  5. Goodness me..."The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" was a favorite of mine in the 1950s...haven't thought of them in ages! Thanks for that memory!

  6. I loved the Nancy Drew books too. This picture serves to PROVE beyond any doubt that you really did love to read, so much that you could sit on a bike and read. Too funny.

  7. My mother had a basket exactly like that! I wonder if it is still at my dad's house - I'll have to check.

  8. How wonderful - a photo of a little bookworm who also loved her bicycle. I admire your ability to read anywhere.

  9. That really brought back memories. My mother used to read The Five Little Pepper books to us when we were very young. Now I collect all the copies of the book I can find. I have several. And I recently saw a movie that was based on the book. It might have been a series - probably from the 40s.
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