Tuesday, October 26, 2021

T for Tuesday

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Toronto ON

Found on Yonge St. I am not a fan of flavoured teas, like mine black. Flavoured coffees yes!

Kensington Market

Tuesday Treasures

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Toronto ON

Click here for a history of Toronto lane naming and a list of other lanes. That post is a work in progress, and gets updated frequently.

The innovative community initiative, Dragon Alley Community Garden, supported by FoodShare, was recognized by a lane being named.

Throughout the summer months local residents worked together in maintaining this community garden. From the youngest resident to the eldest, everyone worked as a team to plant and maintain a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables for local consumption. Residents jointly decided to name their garden: "Dragon Alley Community Garden."

Loretto Lane is named for the school that occupied the property immediately to the west for nearly 50 years.

Loretto College School was founded as a private school by the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1915. The roots of the school go back to 1847 when the Loretto Sisters from Ireland opened a boarding and day school for young Catholic women in Toronto. However, the origins began in 1913 while the building is being erected, classes for the school began in a three storey house with the commercial students from Bond Street moved to the "Casa" and the 538 music students moved the following year. The Loretto Day School opened in September 1915 on Brunswick Avenue with 200 girls, boarders and day students from Grades 1 to 13 with a few boys from Grades 1 to 3. Afterwards, Casa became simply a residents for the sisters. In 1918, following the move to Brunswick from the old Abbey, the school became known as "Loretto Abbey Day School and College" before becoming "Loretto College School" even though the College component moved to St. George Street in 1937.


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October 2021 - Toronto ON

More Chinatown, menus this time. Please zoom in to see the selections.

Grilled cattle bone marrow

Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Mural

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May 2021 - Toronto ON

In an alley off Spadina St.

Painted by Christina Mazzulla

Painted by Smolik.

We also came across this utility box, not sure what the significance is.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Daily Press

Enhanced vaccine QR codes are now available to download. We both now have ours on our phones. We have each other's as well in case one of us forgets our phone.

Saturday John took a friend to physio and picked up his regripped clubs from a friend.
It was a gloomy day with rain off and on. Around  5 we had an amazing sun shower.
Yes, that is a ghostly me in pink on the left.

Followed by a nice sunset - there is a plane heading to Pearson airport, almost in the middle of the photo.

Sunday we slept in and lounged around all day. I finished and washed my embroidery (yay me!). I just have to finish the back.

I started knitting a sweater the n had to rip the ribbing out as there was a flaw in the wool that I thought I could ignore, but it was too noticeable. 
I finished watching season 6 of Great British Bake Off as I had somehow missed the season when Nadiya won!

John can make fun of me watching these baking shows BUT on GBBO season 11 (I watched last week) the technical challenge was Danish Kransekake Cornucopia Cake which is made with almond flour so it is gluten free. This made me wonder if the Danish Pastry House in Toronto had gluten free pastries, and sure enough they do. So on Monday I stopped into their Union Station outlet and picked up a couple of kokokeep for John, you're welcome! He said it was delicious.

Then I headed to College Park to check out a new art installation.

They also had Halloween decorations out.

I went to Farm Boy as we needed some vegetables and I wanted to check out their gluten free fresh ravioli.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day and I decided to check out the new T and T Chinatown location while John golfed.
T and T is a Canadian supermarket that specializes in Asian food products. The only one downtown was closed due to a city revitalization project of the land.
I took the streetcar to College, not sure which side of Spadina it was on. Of course I turned the wrong way but got a great shot of the Lillian Smith library.

I turned around and laughed, if I had just looked up I would have seen the sign on the T and T condo that the store is in. It would be great to have this in your building. They also have an incredible take out selection, including BBQ duck!

They have a large selection of fish parts for making soups.

Large frozen foods selection.

Crazy chips for my chips photo collection.

Tomato chips, onion soup chips, Himalayan pink sea salt chips.

I also picked up frozen lamb pieces (yum curry!) and frozen BBQ pork, which is what I had come for. Also got more gouchujang, scallions, baby bok choy and bean sprouts. 

Fun T and T murals.

As usual my bag was heavier than I intended. I headed down Spadina planning to catch the 1:45 bus. 

Never noticed the rooster before.

Okay, if I want to make 1:45 I should take the streetcar, nah, may was well walk and get the 2:45. But now I would have too long a wait. So I'm on Richmond, and there is the 501 bus (Queen St. streetcar replacement due to construction) so I grab that and am home before the 2:45 leaves downtown. Talk about being indecisive.

Wednesday I headed out at 9:30 for the Bata Shoe Museum for a new exhibition.
The lake as I waited for the bus.

It never got as warm as they promised and this sky turned grey when I left the Bata Museum. Then it started to rain so I popped into the ROM, Royal Ontario Museum gift shop.

A rare sighting this year, but still happy to see it back on the streets. I also forgot to mention that yesterday was the first time in 19 months that there was a convention on the convention hall.

Music store on Bloor.

I made a stop in Winners/Homesense and then Indigo bookstore before picking up a few items at Bay and Bloor.

Thursday we had flu shots booked for 10:40 at Rexall Pharmacy in the Atrium.

The vaccines available for adults 65 years of age and older: 
A high-dose quadrivalent vaccine (QIV-HD): Fluzone® High-Dose Quadrivalent; and a standard-dose adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (TIV-adj): Fluad®.

Then I took John shopping at the Eaton Centre, we're not sure the last time he was there, definitely pre-pre-pandemic!
A stop in H and M and a new dressing gown for John and a couple of pairs of gloves for me. Old Navy - nothing. Bed and Bathworks - shower gels and room sprays. Through The Bay - crazy shoes.

These are plastic!

Crazier price!

Speaking of shoes, John got two pairs of Rockports. In speaking with the sales associate, there are inventory shortages and even The Bay is looking to hire. Hiring signs are everywhere!

Friday and it was only 5 C (41 F) when John headed out at 8AM!! I went out later and I was freezing. 
Looks like a Day of the Dead/Halloween display in Union Station?

For the first time since 2019 Fan Expo Canada was taking place at the Convention Centre. 
FAN EXPO CANADA is about celebrating ALL things fandom. From Comics, Graphic Novels, Anime, Manga, Sci-fi and Fantasy to Cosplay, Horror, to Gaming, Toys, Movies, and Television. Come and meet your heroes, attend celebrity guest panels, autograph sessions, family-friendly programming, and so much more.
Normally I would have gotten a lot of photos but I think it was just too cold. When I was on the bus I did see the long snaking line at the entrance. Note to self - go there for photos.


Little Fires Everywhere we finished this miniseries and think there will be another season.

A blogger mentioned that if we liked Squid Games we should try Alice in Borderland, we did and enjoyed it, now looking forward to another season.

As we are currently hooked on Japanese action thrillers we watched Battle Royale (2000).

Crisis a 2021 crime thriller, stars Gary Oldman, Armie Hammer, Evangeline Lilly, Greg Kinnear.

I started watching an Irish series Smother, perfect for bingeing while knitting.

For those who asked:

I watch GBBO on CBC Gem, all the seasons are available there. I doubt it is an option outside Canada.

Great Canadian Bake Off Season 1 is on Dailymotion you can search for the rest of the episodes.
Great Canadian Bake Off Season 2 Dailymotion BEST season with Dan Levy
It appears the American version is also on Dailymotion
The British one also shows on Dailymotion as does the Australian!!
YouTube shows the three seasons of the Great IRISH Bake Off!


My semi planned weekly menu got changed around a bit.

Saturday pasta with brie, new to my recipe box.

Sunday coconut shrimp (air fryer) and Caesar salad. Coconut shrimp was coconut flour, one egg and shredded coconut, air fried for 10 minutes. I call this a lazy bottle meal. I used bottled mango sauce for the shrimp and Farm Boy's bottled Caesar dressing which happens to be delicious.

Monday pho lamb chops, new potatoes and honey baby carrots.

Tuesday General Tso gluten free spinach and ricotta ravioli with arrabbiata sauce and Caesar salad.  OMG this pasta was horrible! So gloppy and sticky. Barely a hint of spinach. YUCK.

Wednesday steak bites and  mushrooms (air fryer)  Pho with BBQ pork (see above), first time doing it with pork. 

This pork wasn't quite right, it wasn't quite the BBQ I expected. I need to find char siu pork in Chinatown.
Perhaps I should make it myself using a pork butt/shoulder? OR with pork belly, I have some frozen!

Thursday chicken stir fry with bok choy, bean sprouts on rice.

Friday steak frites and I made siracha mayo and chimichurri. John's not a huge fan of chimichurri (chalk it up to a bad experience in Puerto Vallarta) but he really liked the mayo.

I need to try GBBO Paul Hollywood's recipe for gluten free pita bread.


Marg at Weekend Cooking mentioned a couple of air fryer cookbooks. I "went" to the library and discovered that Allrecipes had published a couple of special magazines with air fryer recipes. Click here to take a peek inside the January 2020 issue.
I borrowed two of the magazines this week and read them on my laptop.

I would definitely try this General Tso recipe although I do have another that I like.  And it is gluten free.
What I don't understand in their recipe for loaded baked potatoes, they use a skillet to cook the bacon and put it aside to cool. Why not do the bacon in the air fryer, let it cool while the potatoes cook? Why are you dirtying extra pans? 

    I read The Wife Upstairs, a modern Jane Eyre. It was okay but nothing exciting.

I started The Strangers about four generations of a Metis family told through four women.