Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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January 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico

I was skeptical about visiting the Seashell Museum but a fellow blogger said we should definitely stop in.

it isn't a museum as such more a shop selling shells and there isn't any admission.

I was told that the fountain upstairs was a must see and it certainly was.


  1. I visited that shell museum the very first time in 1987 on my very first trip to Mexico. I love that place, been on every trip to Mazatlan since!

  2. I was thinking as I looked at these how much they reminded me of jewels on display and then I saw the price tags in the one photo and decided, they ARE jewels on display. A fun post!

  3. OMG, I would go gaga crazy in that place, love sea shells so this would be heaven for me, come post this Jackie on my Travel Photo Monday link ups, please :)

  4. What a fun stop! I would definitely enjoy a stop there. If only I could find one of those awesome shells on the beach!

  5. Looks interesting and beautiful. I appreciate the artistry that has gone into the displays, but would be happier if it was a museum and not a shop. (Thinking about the sustainability of selling sea shells).

  6. Did you buy any shells? I really like that fountain.


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