Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 Palm Springs California


Oct 10 - 24 we were in Palm Springs with friends. We've been here many times so I will just do highlights.

Living Desert


29 Palms

Joshua National Park

La Quinta

Sculpture Garden

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Living Desert Palm Springs CA

October 2015 - Palm Springs CA

The Living Desert is a remarkable zoo and botanical garden representing the desert environments of North America and Africa. With over 1200 protected acres, 450 wild animals, live animal shows, kids’ play park, tranquil gardens, model train exhibit, hiking trails, tram rides and more.

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Let's go for a stroll - it's hot out so no rushing.

They're not too scary!

Can you see me?

Here's looking at you!

Too hot!

Strutting one's stuff!

Pucker up!

Funny enough, we didn't see any big-horned sheep this time!

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Sepia Saturday

This week's prompt for Sepia Saturday

Since I couldn't come up with any photos that had a mirror in them, I decided to go with adults dressing up.

This was a Halloween party I hosted in Montreal around 1974 or 1975.
That is my sister on the far left (cave woman) and my mother smoking the cigar in the bottom row.

My Dad, being molested, sitting on the couch.

My sister had brought her relatively new boyfriend, Tim to this party. Tim and I are recently back in touch and share memories of my sister. They didn't go out a long time but she was probably his first love and has very fond thoughts of her.

I shared this photo with Tim and he sent me his heart-felt memories of that evening.
I remember that night & party at your place very well. It sure was cool wearing that flimsy "Fred Flintstone" outfit. Urs and I spent that day at your folks making the outfits ourselves. I must have definitely been in love with your sister for her to convince me to wear that costume!! We did have a good laugh en route when we had to stop for gas looking like that!! We made a prior stop at my house in Beaconsfield to allow me the chance to introduce Urs to my parents for the first time (it was 1 of our first dates). I remember that she was so shy & embarrassed to meet my parents wearing her Wilma outfit.

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October 2015 - Palm Springs CA

An unintended selfie at The Living Desert. Click here for more photos from The Living Desert.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Foto Challenge


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Upcoming: Doors and Windows
Upcoming: Buildings and Trees
Upcoming: Wood and Metal
Upcoming: Kids or Pets with Toys
Upcoming: Orange and Green
Upcoming: Anything Painted – from a bird feeder to peeling paint
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Phones or Computers

Me in 2006. We have been around computers since the 1980s. 

Our first computer was a Commodore Vic 20!!

And our first game - Car Chase. Look at those graphics!!

I never leave home without my laptop, phone, e-reader, iPad and cameras!

In a hotel room somewhere!

At home.