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Canadian Artist of the Day

John Hall 2010

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July 2022 - Toronto ON

Queen St. W Toronto ON

Saturday we left early for the 5 hour drive to Montreal. Checked into the Doubletree (meh, terrible customer service in dining room) at the airport. Have I mentioned how expensive hotels are nowadays? Astronomical! And you go all the work on an app, check yourself in, open parking garage ($25 a night), open hotel doors, open room door. But I have to ask for my breakfast coupons at the desk, why not load on the app too?? 

We then spent the rest of the weekend dining (brunch, snacks, drinks, Trivia Pursuit, and dinners), chatting, laughing with family.

Monday we left after breakfast for the drive home. 

We made an unplanned drive around Prince Edward County for lunch at one of the many wineries (22) in the area. It is a pleasant break from the monotonous highway 401 or Trans Canada.
Referred to as 'The County' by those in the know, Prince Edward County is one of Ontario's most treasured holiday spots, with world-class beaches, wineries, resorts and inns, sticky summer treats and an abundance of places to cycle or paddle.

When you enter the county you are on Mohawk Tyendinaga Territory. The community takes its name from a variant spelling of Mohawk leader Joseph Brant's traditional Mohawk name, Thayendanegea.
We stopped for gas, always cheaper! Cannabis is a booming business.

Our first stop, hoping for lunch. Not a pleasant experience, first the host greeted us by saying we are not seating anyone at the moment because the kitchen is totally working at capacity. We left and went into the building, the winery. Standing there was a totally disinterested, unmotivated, bored young girl. We looked around for bottles of wine, nothing, just a counter selling tastings. As we left we were saying we couldn't understand why there were no bottles on display for purchase. She muttered, under her breath, there is a store. We walked out.

What a different experience at Sugarbush! The owner greeted us and when we said we were hungry she said they only had snacks but could recommend the place across the street. Snacks are fine, in fact we shared a cheese board (gluten free crackers) and a glass of wine. She also had her homemade rhubarb chutney on the board - delicious. The other server also stopped by for a chat (she had rowed for U of T and knew exactly where we lived). When we were paying our bill we chatted with the owner about food in France and what we loved. She mentioned that her parents had emigrated to Canada when she was small and had grown up in Montreal (as I did, also brought over by my parents). 

The final leg home on the Gardiner.

Tuesday was an at home day. Laundry etc. John received his latest scotch order. Finally the post office has dropped its ridiculous pandemic mandate.  Previous to the pandemic the PO would deliver to your home provided there was someone 19+ to sign. During the pandemic it was delivered to a local PO, a delivery notice would be sent and you would have to drive and pick it up. This came to the condo loading dock!! I know, first world problems.

Me thinks I need to repot this plant!

The only reason I discovered the roots it had, was because I wanted to put this one somewhere higher as it has tendrils. 

Oh joy! I have been selected for jury duty eligibility. This is my 4th summons. I did the first three while working so a great excuse off work. Never got selected for a jury those times. How come John never gets selected??

Wednesday John golfed and I went to Winners, $ store and Longo's for some groceries.

Thursday my BFF and I met for lunch at the Loose Moose, new for both of us. We had a great extended gabfest over sliders.

They had all kinds of items all the walls. 
Another wall had speakers.

Thursday evening we attended a zoom presentation that the building had arranged for Atrens-Counsel Insurance Brokers to provide us with a presentation on Condominium suite insurance. It covered for the condominium insurance policy includes ($360 million) and then what your owner's policy should include. We took notes to check our own policy to ensure we are covered. He did some very good scenarios on how a claim would be processed as well. They also offered to review any of our policies (of course to offer their "golden" policy with their company that covers the building and only offered to residents of the building), however might be worth it. 
Surprisingly enough of 430 units only 21 signed in.
There was an older woman signed in on her iPad with no conception of how to use Zoom so we could hear her make phone calls (before meeting started and facilitator muted everyone). Most  of us also turned off video so we couldn't be seen but not her, so we were subjected to her every move, totally unaware she was on camera. 

Friday John golfed. I thought I might go out but decided to veer towards caution and stay home. Fridge needs cleaning, plants repotting, laundry done, dining room table cleared of clutter. 
The city is busy this week as this weekend is the first Caribana since 2019. It is currently North America's largest cultural festival and over a million tourists are expected!!

We are also going away again this weekend, Stratford ON to see a play (Chicago see below) and stay overnight. 


Saturday (family) BBQ pork loin, roast potatoes, carrots, peppers and coleslaw.

Sunday (family) sushi

Monday homemade pizza (focaccia)

Tuesday hamburger patties mashed cauliflower and potatoes, beans and gravy

Wednesday pork lettuce wraps I added 5 Chinese spice, curry miso and soy sauce.

Thursday curry chicken

Friday Philly cheese steak sandwiches


Respect is a 2021 American biographical musical drama film and is based on the life of American singer Aretha Franklin. The film stars Jennifer Hudson as Franklin, with Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans, Audra McDonald, Marc Maron, Tituss Burgess, and Mary J. Blige in supporting roles. The film follows the first three decades of Franklin's life, from being born as a musical prodigy in an affluent African-American family, the repercussions of losing her mother at age 10 to her arduous rise to international musical stardom, while enduring an abusive marriage, ultimately concluding with the recording of her influential live album Amazing Grace (1972).

Chicago - how have we never seen this either on stage or screen???? The original play was 1975 and the movie 2003. In 2001 right after 9/11 we had gone to NYC (remember their campaign to get tourists back to the city?) with friends. They went to see Chicago while we went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show (no regrets!). OMG the stars in this movie and the incredible job they did!! Queen Lafitah and 
Renée Zellweger were my favourites along with Richard Gere!!

We are going to see the play at Stratford this weekend and I am so excited.

We also watched West Side Story.

New expression to me - don't let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you.


I tried to read Reckless Girls, but honestly I gave up. I was not interested in a bunch of shallow 20 somethings full of angst and drama bored me to tears.

I read Five Days Missing instead, which I enjoyed although it did drag out a little!

I started The Nurse by Claire Allan, so far so good.

Canadian Artist of the Day

  Joni Mitchell. "Self Portrait". 1997

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Weekend Roundup

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Starts with D
St. John New Brunswick


Egg yolks

Canadian Artist of the Day

 Matthew Wong. "Starry Night". 2019

I love Wong's work. I saw his Blue exhibit at the AGO last summer.

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Tuesday Treasures

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Charlottetown PEI

The tower of City Hall has a belfry from which hung the fire bell. Prior to 1888, city residents relied on the Town Crier to sound the alarm for a fire. His warning was passed by word of mouth as quickly as possible - not a very efficient way to warn citizens of a fire.

When the fire bell arrived, it was a great boon to the city and was first located in the old market building. It was referred to as "Big Donald" after the fire chief of 1875, Donald MacKinnon. When this bell cracked in 1877 it was returned to Boston to be recast. In order to receive some compensation for the cost of recasting, the foundry owners recast it somewhat smaller than the original. The bell was returned and put back in place, and at some point cracked again. Then, when it was rung to sound an alarm on the morning of February 20, 1884, it fell to pieces. It was sent away and recast a second time and again replaced in the old Market building. It was moved to the City Hall tower in 1888. The bell was used to alert the volunteer fireman of an emergency. In September 1952 an air horn, which is still used today, was installed for sounding fire alarms. The fire bell was retired in1966, to its present location, the front lawn of the Kent Street side of the building.

T for Tuesday

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PEI is known for Anne of Green Gables.


Wordless Wednesday Wordless Be There 2day

Toronto ON

I like collecting all kinds of signs. Here are some "warning" signs I've found.