Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blue Monday

August 2009 - Philadelphia PA

Thanks to a commenter, and shame on me for not investigating this further, here is a copy of the image courtesy of the Library Company.

Joseph Saxton. View of Central High School. Philadelphia, September or October, 1839. Reproduction.

You can read more about it here.


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Quite interesting. I suppose they don't allow photographs of the postcard.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Enjoyed this piece of history.

  3. What an interesting fact to learn. Thanks!!
    Here from Blue Monday....

  4. Now that's when I grumble about having to use my old camera, I've got nothing to complain about ;D
    I'd have loved to see the photograph wouldn't you?
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Blue Monday to you!

    1. Thanks, Nessie for your comment and I went and found a copy of the photo and have added it to my post.


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