About Me (UPDATED DEC 2016)

A true denizen of the internet!!

I am a something 50ish 60ish Toronto gal, always stylish lover of shoes and wife of John, a fanatical golfer.

Known to family and friends as paparazzi as I ALWAYS have a camera available!

A world traveler who would be travelling all the time if money grew on trees!! According to my husband I am a nomad who would constantly be on the move if given my way!

A lover of Photoshop and digital scrapping! Also Picmonkey!
A positive Anglophile for anything British (read British Isles and Ireland).
A total junkie for Food Network and HGTV. 
Addicted to Masterchef Australia and My Kitchen Rules Australia
A wanna be chef who absolutely HATES peanut butter!! 
A thorough geek for all things techie (software not hardware that I leave up to my in-house one person help desk in the guise of DH). 
A recovering perfectionist who no longer vacuums while DH is watching football. 
Voracious reader who tracks her reading! 
Some of my qualities that come to mind at the moment are anal, obsessive, organized, sarcastic, crafty.

We made major changes in 2012 which I wrote about here by downsizing and moving into a condo after twenty plus years in our home.

We are on the 27th floor and get amazing sunsets!

Our home of 20+ years.

When we moved in.

For sale

Proud Canadian Blogger

I also wrote a recap of our travels in 2012 here where we did three European river cruises along with a trip to Nicaragua and Cancun.

We absolutely love European river cruises and I wrote a recap here for anyone considering trying one.

Winter 2012-13 we spent a couple of weeks in Sedona AZ, two months in Las Vegas, a couple of weeks in Mazatlan, a couple more around Sedona and then drove home.
Las Vegas Recap

Once home we didn't stay put for very long.
June saw us spend a few days in Niagara Falls with friends.
July we flew to Calgary to visit friends and go to the Stampede (frequent flyer points).
Also in July we drove to Grand Rapids Michigan for a few days.
Then in August we flew to Halifax Nova Scotia and a tour of Cape Breton for a week (frequent flyer points).
We spent the weekend at home and then flew to New York City with friends for a few days in September.
Another driving trip at the end September to Columbus Ohio for the Blake Shelton concert (a birthday gift from my husband).
We did many day trips around Toronto to places we had never been!

2013 in retrospect.

2013-14 winter saw us drive from Toronto to Florida for three weeks, one at Disney to celebrate my BFF's 60th birthday and two in Fort Myers. We then drove to Las Vegas and met up with friends who then went with us t o Mazatlan for New Year's. We stayed in Mazatlan for two months, back to San Diego for a couple of weeks and then a week in Baja California. Met up with friends in Las Vegas for St. Patrick's Day and other friends met us in Myrtle Beach for John's birthday. Then back home to Toronto.

Here is a recap of our 2014.

Winter 2014 -2015 was an amazing journey!!

We started off in December 2014 driving across to Las Vegas and stayed there until the end of January 2015 when we started quite the travels. First to Singapore where I have a friend, then to Bangkok and we joined a Mekong River Cruise through Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. From there we flew to Australia and then New Zealand. WOW what a trip!!

The end of 2015 found us flying to LA to spend three months in Mexico.
Here is a recap of 2015, what a year!

We started 2016 in Mazatlan. Flew home to the coldest part of winter!

Winter 2016 we drove to Orlando Florida for 4 weeks. The first week of 2017 was spent in Florida.

You can email me at JMCGUIN7@GMAIL.COM

This is my absolutely favourite colour!!!

Favourite flower? Anything white but especially gerberas and peonies.

For more useless facts about me you can read this post.


  1. Hi! I love the name of your blog! How did you come up with it? Is it from a trip in east Asia? ;o)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog, it's always nice to meet new followers! I look forward to reading more here about your travels fellow globetrotter! (and if you ever find a tree with money growing on it please let me know so I too can spend the rest of my days travelling!)

    Cheers! :o)

  2. My first time here and I enjoyed your posts & this page as well. :)

    Oh I am also trying since eternity to convert my DH into my helping hand but alas !!

    Sometimes you are plain unfortunate. ;)

  3. Wow, seeing that travel list of yours makes me sooooo jealous. I hope to make it to as many of those destinations as soon as possible.

  4. I've had fun reading this! And I love that color too - green apple, or is it lime??

    Boy would I love to leave here (NW Wisconsin) in the winter. Hmmmmmmm.

  5. Great to meet you, Jackie!
    I'd love to invite you to join my FoodieTuesday link up. The current one's up until Monday.
    Please take a look here. http://insidejourneys.com/gizzada-coconut-treat/


  6. I enjoyed reading more about you Jackie! We are around the same age and I also love to travel, but I have not been to as many places as you have been to. We had an opposite experience of moving out of our home of 32 years in New York City and moving to the west of the USA. It has been a wonderful adventure so far!

  7. What a superb 'About' page. Happy to be here. Greetings from India.

  8. Hello Jackie,
    I have the same favorite color like you...... I like your photos, especially the bike on the header!
    Best wishes from Cologne

  9. Would you allow me to use some of the Casa Loma shots in a video. Would be more than happy add your credit for them. Alan. lyricabc@btinternet.com

  10. I like how you updated and put photos from the past. Very cool!

  11. Hi Jackie,
    This is Billy Brennan, Susan Hardbourne’s brother. I just spent a wonderful hour browsing through your family history. It was fantastic to see old photographs of my father and mother, Alec and Nora, Vonnie and Tommy and so many other people from my past. When Susan passed away I found a lot of old pictures of our family. There are so many people in these photo’s from the 30's and 40's that I do not recognise, there are also amazing postcards and photo’s from my father’s uncles who fought in the first and second world wars. They bring up so many questions now that I should have asked years ago but did not. As your research and family knowledge is obviously far greater than mine I was wondering if you could help me with some of the answers. I hope you can contact me.
    Kind regards

  12. Could I post your photo of Crucified Woman by Almuth Lutkenhaus-Lackey on my poetry blog?

    My poetry blog: https://poetryofgonzalinhodacosta.blogspot.com/

    I am hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you.

  13. I've decided I have to follow you! Because I have decided that in many ways we are kindred spirits! I adore Britain and am also an Anglophile (and headed there in October!), adore Food Network and cooking, and I track my reading too (and do a lot of it!)Plus, this Michigan woman loves your country and at the moment would just about kill to move there! I see you cycle too. I don't, but Rick -- my forever guy -- is avid. Last year he cycled Lansing MI to Quebec City. I met him there because I'd rather fly! Nice meeting you and thank for visiting my blog! Loved the Mennonite quilting posts!

  14. This is so cute you've arranged it like a scrapbook page :) I do wonder how many bloggers were also scrapbookers...