Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Recap - Las Vegas to Lafayette LA

March 2014

Last Sunday we were in Las Vegas with friends. You can read our friends' update by clicking here.

On Tuesday we left our friends behind and started our trek towards home with a stop in Myrtle Beach to meet up with friends.
Looking back at Arizona.Take 3.0

Our destination was for Tucson for two nights.

Loved visiting downtown Tucson, a great city with great breweries.

Thursday we headed towards Fort Stockton passing through New Mexico.

Friday we spent the night outside San Antonio.

Saturday we  made Lafayette LA our final destination.


 OK you have to excuse the apostrophe catastrophe in this sign...


  1. Thanks for all the help Jackie....hopen you and DH are having a fantastic time making your way back to Canada...hope it's warmer and less snow in Toronto. Have a great time in MB with K & B. It was great seeing you both in Vegas. Hugs, love you both! Take care and be safe. Debbie & Alan

  2. I do enjoy viewing your travel photos, it's almost like being there. I really like that VW van in your header photo too.

  3. Those flowers in the planters are a breath of springtime for sure, such fun to see photos without snow:)


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