Friday, March 21, 2014

On the Road Again - Take 3.2

Long driving day today so we planned to be on the road by 8AM but were in the car by 7:30.

We decided to bypass El Paso and do the extra hours to make it to Fort Stockton. We stopped for breakfast at McDonald's.

We crossed into New Mexico and it is so flat and boring that I felt like this guy I discovered near the Continental Divide.

Billboard for our destination.

The most exciting "scenery" is Dairy Row near Las Cruces. I mentioned Dairy Row on our trip westbound in December.

Texas isn't much better.

We grabbed Church's for lunch.

Finally we pull into Fort Stockton around 5:30 only to discover you  lose two hours due to time zone changes.

But I guess time zones shouldn't matter!

We chose our hotel based on the Tripadvisor ratings even though I had my misgivings. It was fine, especially at $58. It had the best ratings!!
We had cheese and bread for dinner.

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