Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Recap - San Diego and Carlsbad CA

Time period is Sunday to Saturday.

Here's a link to Friday in San Diego. And here is a recap of Sunday which was a lot of fun as we toured the city by trolley.

Weather - rainy on the weekend. But come Monday we have had mainly sunny skies and low to mid 60s or 17-18 C. No complaints.

Sunday we woke to pouring rain again. Our check out time was noon and John ran across to McDonald's for our breakfast. I really wanted to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at NTC Liberty Station.
This was a fascinating venue known as the Navy Training Center.

Nowadays the buildings are used by Von's, Trader Joe's, ACE Hardware, restaurants, brewery, and many other businesses. A great use of a fabulous historic property.

To the real purpose of our trip! Click here to see my post on the Frida Kahlo exhibit. and our delicious lunch at the Stone Brewery.

Time to pick up some groceries and check in at Seapointe in Carlsbad.

Settled in for the evening and watched the beginning of the Oscar's then The Voice!!

Had an amazing sunset! I LOVE this photo.

Monday we drove into Carlsbad to check out the town and have lunch. We parked and wandered around wondering if we were going to find something that appealed to us. There were several white table cloth Italian places with servers in ties but that didn't feel like lunch time food. We turned down a side street and saw an Irish flag flying over an Irish pub.

We had a delicious meal, I had great corned beef and cabbage and John had bangers and mash once he saw it described as Irish pork sausages.

Cabbage!! I would not get the white sauce on it again, it was good but a little overpowering.

Tuesday John golfed at Costa and totally enjoyed himself shooting 90!!

Wednesday we went into San Diego and soaked up the sunshine and Balboa Park.

Click below for posts about Balboa Park.
Botanical Building
Balboa Park Part 1
Balboa Park Part 2

Lunch we quick and easy a broccoli and cheese soup for John and lobster bisque for me.

Then we drove over to Old Town.

We decided to go into the Mormon Battalion Historic Site and enjoyed the thirty minute interactive presentation.

We stopped for a beer and snacks at Joe's.

Thursday we thought about going to Sea World but thought that $85 per person was a little unreasonable.

Instead we went to San Juan Capistrano and had a wonderful day.

Lunch was at Ruby's Diner, burger for John and I had a clam chowder and tuna sandwich.

Then we drove along the old Pacific Highway for a while. Then we went to the Carlsbad factory outlets.
I needed to replace my beloved crocs that I left in Mexico after putting many, many international miles on them.

Friday John golfed at The Crossings.

Saturday we headed into San Diego to Coronado where we had delicious pizza! Click here for our day in Coronado!

Dinners have been in the condo, chili, roast chicken, cheese and bread and broccoli quiche.

California strawberries!!!

Friday we had to reassess and reorganize our clothing for the next week. We drive to LA on Sunday and the evening and then fly to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on Monday for 4 nights.

As always I need to include some bathroom photos!

Gaelic washroom sign at O'Sullivan's in Carlsbad.

Washroom in Old Town saloon.

Wall of beer bottles in washroom at Stone Brewery in Union Station San Diego

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  1. What fun memories you are bringing back for me, from my own trip there. It seems you dealt with some rain as well, which was a half mix for us, equal days of sun too, and thankfully my day at Old Town was beautiful. That is one fun place.


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