Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

Sunlit Sunday is hosted by a fellow Canadian.

February 2014 - Mazatlan Mexico

We left the sunlit shores of Mazatlan on Thursday after 9 weeks of unrelenting sunshine. We are currently in San Diego where is is cool and it is pouring rain as it has on and off since we got here.

So please humour me as I show you some photos of our last sunset this week in Mazatlan.


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Wishing you dry weather!!! Cathy

  2. To go from those beautiful sunsets to rainy weather is a rather drastic change, Jackie. The sky is gorgeous, with the orange and blueish tones. Throw in a palm tree and there is paradise!


  3. Such a stunning sky! So beautiful!

  4. Wow- great sunsets- makes me jealous!


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