Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Las Vegas (Travel Photo Monday and Our World Tuesday)

Travel Photo MondayOur World Tuesday Graphic

Travel Photo Monday and Our World Tuesday

March 2014 - Las Vegas NV

Just spent three fun days in Las Vegas with friends who are here for the week from Calgary.

  We had a busy week so we happy to get settled for a few days.

Didn't do a lot spent time relaxing and catching up. Crazy times but then Vegas is always crazy, March madness, spring break and St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday John golfed and I went shopping. Needed to get a birthday gift and I had a $100 gift card so I went to Pandora's.

I got St. Basil's in Moscow, a gondola for Venice and the US for our cross country travels last year and this.

Monday we picked our friends up did some shopping and checked out Lee's Liquor store dubbed as the largest in Las Vegas. Certainly was and my GF got lots of photos.

We also did an early celebration of John's birthday which is two weeks from now and we will celebrate again with friends in Myrtle Beach.

Then back to condo, shuttle bus and lunch reservations at Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill for an amazing dining experience, not just lunch!
Here is our post from last year's meal.

We were so looking forward to the duck confit poutine and asked the server why it wasn't on the menu, He said it only lasted four months as it was too labour-intensive for the kitchen.

Loli-pop chicken wings

Salt & Pepper Fried Calamari w/ Espelette, Tartar & Cocktail Sauces

Dipping sauces

Pork Rillettes, Chicken Liver Pâté w/ Port Wine Gelée, Cured Salami & English Sharp Cheddar w/ Pickles

GRILLED BEEF BURGER 9 OZ.Shredded Gem Lettuce w/ Tomato Aïoli, Welsh Cheddar & Rosemary Brioche Bun

Three of us shared this! STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING Sweet Cream Ice Cream

GF and I left the guys and went to Bellagio to see what was on display at the Conservatory, that will be a post on itself!!

Vegas! You've got to love the sights!

Back to meet the guys and went off to check out the new development around the High Roller scheduled to open in a couple of weeks. It is a pedestrian mall with shops and restaurants and O'Shea's Casino has reopened.
The area between Harrah's and Flamingo is finally open. Not all the shops and restaurants are occupied as yet.

O'Shea's is back on the Strip! But since it is St. Patrick's Day we didn't even step foot into it.

Purple Zebra has a floor-to-ceiling display of more than three dozen containers, from 16 to 100 ounces, which customers can fill with their choices from among more than 30 slush flavors, 10 of them nonalcoholic.
Think of it as an M and M store for adults. We sampled several and I thought they were all disgusting!

Tuesday March 18 we get back on the road to start the journey home. First stop is Tuscon AZ for two nights.

Sedona Pines Resort in Arizona.

And we had a Skype chat with the same people we were with this year in Las Vegas!

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  1. Looks like a fun little trip! It's been a few years since I've hit Vegas. That Gordon Ramsey place looks yummy. I didn't even realize that he had a restaurant there. I think I'd be curious to try out Purple Zebra, too, even though you didn't seem to like the samples. It's an interesting concept, but I would definitely not be able to consume one of those humongous containers.


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