Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tucson AZ St. Augustine Cathedral

March 2014 - Tucson AZ

More murals outside.

The cathedral parish’s history began with the founding of the chapel of the Royal Presidio of San Augustine in Tucson, which was constructed in 1776. By the 1800s, both the presidio and its chapel had fallen out of use, so Father Joseph Machebeuf was sent to survey the condition of the area in the 1860s. He advised the Bishop of Santa Fe that a priest should be assigned to the location, which had a population of 600 people. Father Jean B. Salpointe was appointed as pastor of the new church in 1866.
Work on the structure—commonly referred to as a cathedral, even then—was completed by 1868.
The Holy See declared the territory of Arizona an apostolic vicariate later that year, and Salpointe was appointed Vicar Apostolic.

Above the entry is a bronze statue of St. Augustine, the patron saint of Tucson.

There was a church service taking place so we limited ourselves to the entrance which was covered in these amazing murals.


  1. i love the garden trellis - neat flower pattern. so great!!
    this church has such great details. wow... what a beauty!! ( :

  2. Those murals are truly amazing! Very life-like!

    Those Spanish-era churches in the American southwest are quite remarkable.

    «Louis» thanks you for visiting and commenting at his inSPIREd Sunday post.

  3. Fantastic murals! They almost look like real people!

  4. Fabulous murals! Love the guy in his PJs.

  5. Very nice kind of amazing murals. I like them.

  6. Excellent murals. I'm quite sure Pope Francis would approve of the political message. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  7. A wonderful church! All these paintings are gorgeous!


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