Friday, March 7, 2014

Saturday Snapshot Balboa Park San Diego


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March 2014 - San Diego CA
Click here for part 1 of Balboa Park.
Click here for part 2 of Balboa Park. We spent the day in Balboa Park and found these amazing orchids in the Botanical building. Could we have had a more beautiful March day?

Orchids always intimidate me even though I have been told that they are not that hard to grow.


  1. My husband and I spent a week in San Diego in March, 2012, and Balboa Park is one of the places we visited. It was amazing -- especially the Botanical Building. The orchids were breath taking, and you did a great job of capturing their beauty in your photos. Thanks so much for taking me back to a beautiful place.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I spent a few days in San Diego in the early 80's and loved it there.

  3. What beautiful flowers, such variety, and you have also captured that amazing building really well.

  4. The orchids are amazing. My sister grows them and she live in So Dakota! I however, have not been so lucky. But they are so gorgeous. We were in Balboa park once, some years ago. What an amazing place ( I'm going to need to get out my thesaurus, I am overusing my superlative! LOL)

  5. I had never heard of Bolboa Park but it looks just stunning. The photos of the orchids are wonderful and look just as good as any pro would take. Thanks for sharing with us and adding a possible destination for us in the future.


  6. GAWD, how much do I adore orchids ??? What awesome photos!

  7. I've been to San Diego too, but a long time ago, I'm not sure that we went there. It was certainly a beautiful orchid display.


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