Friday, March 14, 2014

Cabo San Lucas Day 3

March 2014 - Cabo San Lucas Mexico

We decreed today a relax day. We took the trolley over to Los Arco for a complimentary breakfast. I discovered my new favourite juice, green juice, full of good stuff.

After breakfast we decided we'd go back to our resort and settle by the pool.

Raymundo was our server and more than happy to keep the water and beer coming. We also shared a BLT for lunch.

We attended the Latin buffet and show. The problem is they start at 6:30 and we typically don't eat until 8 PM. But it is part of our package so we roll with it. We have befriended our server from Monday night, Cristo, so he ensures we get a good table in his section.

Sorry, bald-headed guy is in my way for several pictures.


  1. It's lovely to visit and see other parts of the world. Great photos!

  2. Love your new header :-) and this is a super post Jackie , looks brilliant.


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