Saturday, March 22, 2014

On the Road Again - Take 3.4

March 2014 - New Braunfels TX

Awake at 7 AM and it is dark outside but really warm when we step outside at 7:30 AM and John armed with coffee. 

Kudos to the Texas State Trooper who pulled over the a$$hole driving erratically at 7:45 on a Saturday morning!
(Not my photo)

We bypass San Antonio and suddenly everything is green!!! It is a little overcast as we drive towards the Louisiana state line.

It's bluebonnet season in Texas. Bluebonnets are part of the lupine family.
Indigenous to Texas, the bluebonnet was adopted as the state flower in 1901. It is a member of the legume family, genus Lupinus, and grows low to the ground, with stems sprouting conical clusters of tiny blue flowers that resemble prairie bonnets. April is peak blooming season, and thanks to statewide seeding efforts that began in the 1930s by the Texas Highway Department, bluebonnets grow abundantly along roadsides and have infiltrated much of the adjoining land.

Huston was relatively quiet as it is Saturday morning.

Love the fence along the HOV lanes, no idiots cutting in and out illegally!

East of Houston.

The sign said Old River Lost River. Many sloughs and bayous feed the river along this segment. One such slough near the county line links the Trinity with the Lost River; therefore, it is possible to extend a float trip to explore the Lost River-Old River system.

Louisiana is green and marshy.

 Lake Charles

Stopped in the town of Iowa and had to wait for the train to cross.


Booked at the Lafayette Hilton along the Mississippi. Worst staff I've seen at a Hilton. Lots of excuses, really full, rooms not ready etc. After the first attempt we went to see the cathedral and cemetery. Upon return at 3:30 still no room unless we take a room on another (less quiet) floor. We wait and then decide to take whatever room is ready.
We had room service once we checked out their restaurant  which looked like a 1960s cafeteria and their "lounge" - dingy. Food was delicious seafood salad, gumbo soup and a club.

On the road westward bound back in December:
December 11, 2013

This day last year as we headed home:
On this day we were staying at Poco Diabo Resort in Sedona AZ.


  1. WOW!
    This took «Louis» back - he grew up in Texas. He was quite happy to see the bluebonnets.

    Being that you are from Canada, you might like his Meanwhile In Canada edition of The Friday Funnies.

  2. We did this trip in the opposite just two months ago! I flew to Gulf Port MS and my hubby and I drove in two separate cars from there through Louisiana and Texas and then through New Mexico and on to home, Tucson, AZ. Houston was bad enough trying to get through, but El Paso was worse! :-) I really hate big city traffic! And my hubby was pulling a trailer. Anyway, we missed the bluebonnets and instead were in some pretty bad cold. It wasn't a pleasure trip, but one of necessity. We used to live in Texas, though, and always loved the bluebonnets! Loved taking this trip in the other direction with you! :-)


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