Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seapointe Carlsbad CA

March 2014 - Carlsbad CA

February 28 saw us driving to San Diego to spend two nights at the Worldmark Wyndham (timeshare). 

On Sunday we visited the Frida Kahlo exhibit and then drove to Carlsbad for a week at the Seapointe Resort.
This is a Hilton timeshare. After check-in and the ubiquitous "attend a presentation on our latest resort and get a FREE ---------fill in the blanks". We said no emphatically.

This resort has underground parking and the elevator was in our building so we loaded up on a trolley and took everything up. 

The resort is sandwiched between a road and the railway tracks. The trains aren't really an annoyance as they are the local Coaster commuter trains.

Unit was nice but has the smallest bedroom we've ever seen with absolutely no storage. 
Two tiny closets, so John has ended up using the dining room area for his stuff. 

So California!! By 7 AM here are joggers and dog walkers out and about. Many people go surfing before heading to work.

The area has many houses that I can only imagine what the most modest of them must cost! Some photos of the area.

Carlsbad is a small town showing the prevalent effect of the big box stores moving in along the highway. No one goes downtown anymore when they can drive to the mall. Closed storefronts and empty streets.
We wandered around and found an Irish pub on a side street.

The food was excellent!

Woke one morning to a noise like a dog yapping and a ball being thrown. I looked around and then looked up and saw it was mama and papa sea gull getting breakfast at 7 AM.

We get great sunsets.

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  1. Oh I know this town! We were there a couple of years ago. Your pictures tell a lovely story of your trip as well!


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