Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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October 2012 - Amsterdam The Netherlands

Various bridges over the Amsterdam canals. Such fun to watch as you wander around this elegant city. 

Amsterdam has 165 canals — with a combined length of 100 KM (60 Miles) covered with 1,281 — many of which can open to let ships pass. 

I'm sure that ‘The bridge was open’ is a popular excuse for arriving late at school or work even if you route doesn't include a bridge...


  1. Love the Bridge was Open excuse and I agree it is a beautiful city.

  2. I really like the groovy van in your header. I'd like to visit Amsterdam some day and see these bridges. When I was a kid, I used to be worried that our car would get stuck on a drawbridge and we'd either fall into the water or slide backwards into a car behind us. Good thing there weren't any drawbridges where I lived, so it ended up being a rather idle worry.

  3. Bridges are such interesting structures. Drawbridges are particularly special. With so many canals in Amsterdam, I can hear that excuse being used several times a day.


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