Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Recap - Lafayette LA - Mobile AL- Atlanta GA - Myrtle Beach SC

  • March 2014 - Mobile AL

Sunday saw us driving from Lafayette LA to Mobile AL.

Mobile is a charming town, but it was Sunday and nothing was opened.

From Mobile we headed to just outside Atlanta GA.

This is our last day of travel for at least eight days as we relax in Myrtle Beach.

It was nice to be settled and we had to rearrange all the suitcases to find warmer clothes to wear and pack away stuff that we wouldn't need until we get home. Dinner was a beef stew with lots of vegetables.

Wednesday was our day to catch up on mail and reading after seven days on the road. We also straightened out our timeshare contract with Wyndham.

Thursday we decided to have a late lunch as we were picking up friends at the airport later that night.

Full Irish breakfast, delish!

 Since it was late we had cheese, bread and wine while we got caught up.

Friday we had a lazy day and walked out for lunch. We headed to Hot Diggitty Dog and had some old-fashioned fun food. Deep fried pickles, hot dog, ham wrap, BLT and ham and cheese sandwich.

It was pouring rain when we were leaving the diner so we waited until it let up and then headed back. 

Not a healthy selection but good!!

Sweet potato fries!

The guys did groceries and then took the car for an oil change. We had roasted chicken, potatoes and broccoli for dinner.

Saturday was a rainy misty day but our plan was to go shopping. After a big breakfast cooked by John we were of to the factory outlets for the girls and the guys went to a golf shoe outlet, we then met up for some more shopping.
We ordered pizza for dinner.


  1. Love a good, old fashioned BLT on white bread…and sweet potato fries!

  2. What a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing it

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. Sweet potato fries! What a treat. And good ole comfort food is the best -- especially when on the road for so long. Hope the weather is great in SC.

  4. I've never tried deep fried pickles before, but I think I may need to if I ever find them on a menu here in DC! They look DELICIOUS.


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