Friday, October 6, 2017

Weekend Green

Weekend Green Friday Floral Foto

September 2017 - Victoria BC

On my bucket list in Victoria was Butchart Gardens, John had rolled his eyes at the mention but then commented on how beautiful the gardens were and he certainly took enough photos!

This is just a sampling of some of them. It was an overcast day and it did rain towards the end of our visit. They do have umbrellas placed about for the visitors.
They had the most amazing dahlias that I will highlight next week as there were so many.


  1. Butchart Gardens was the highlight of our visit to Vancouver Island and I highly recommend a visit to anyone. Included was a lunch or early dinner in the building with large windows overlooking the garden.

  2. I'd love to get out there sometime. Beautiful shots.

  3. ...Butchart Gardens is on my list!

  4. What a lot of beauty! A famous area to walk around.
    Thanks for joining, greetings from Germany
    (sorry, that I'm so late)


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