Saturday, October 28, 2017


October 2017 - Toronto ON

One Word Saturday
Shadow Shot Sunday
inSPIREd Sunday

A quiet weekend doing chores, errands, you know, the usual.

We did have John's daughter for dinner as she was in town for business.

Good Random Fun
Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

A pretty quiet week as well as I look back. We each did a bit of this and that but nothing too exciting, odd week for us.

Tuesday Treasures

A movie and popcorn, Blade Runner 2049. I didn't love it like the first one, but I think I need to watch it again.

Dinner - curry chicken


I headed into town while John arranged for our living lights to be fixed, turned out to be the dimmer switch. He also ordered pot lights for the hallway.
I snapped this from the bus.

This piece has been covered up while the restaurant beside it was under renovations. I need to get back to my sculpture hunts.

Triad- Ted Bieler, 1984
This 35 foot stainless steel sculpture was commissioned by Marathon Realty Company Limited, the owners of University Place, to mark the occasion of Toronto's Sesquicentennial.
It was unveiled by His Worship Art Eggleton, Mayor of Toronto, and Donald King, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marathon, at a ceremony held at this site on May 24th, 1984.

The soaring spirals symbolize the growth of our city and the unity of its people."

I met my BFF and we headed out for some shopping and lunch. We didn't score the perfect outfit we were looking for but did get a few items.

Dinner - leftover curry chicken.

Thursday Doors

John headed out early to play golf on a chilly morning that soon warmed up.

I baked another bread from my new cookbook, Against the Grain. It was a white sandwich bread. It didn't work out as well. It should have made two loaves, I only got one. But it wasn't bad.

Dinner - liver, onions, mashed potato white turnip and parsnip and onion gravy.


Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections
One a Day

Golf and some shopping for more bread ingredients. Reorganized my baking and spice cupboards.

I snapped a couple of pictures while downtown.

On King St. W

Art display in Metro Hall

Dinner steak and salad.


I finished The Facts of Life and Death, a very compelling story told through the eyes of a 10 year old.

I started Sweetbitter and so far it is a good read about life working in a top New York restaurant but I can't feel anything for the protagonist, so far, anyway.

I'm really another book at the same time, I See You which has a slightly unbelievable plot line but the ending surprised me!

Next week has some planned items, so hopefully I will have more photos to share.


  1. Very impressed that you actually bake your own bread. I am gluten free but usually try to stay away from GF bread because of the calories- I probably would eat the entire loaf if I made it homemade and with lots of butter too!!

  2. I liked Sweetbitter but it seems to be one of those love it or hate it books. I really like that twisty sculpture.

  3. That is a quiet week for you! I hope you liked that Belinda Bauer book. I like her writing style. Have you read The Magpie Murders? I can’t put this one down. So many books to pick up at the library too so I better start reading faster. Still need to get that Against the Grain cookbook.

  4. Getting together with a BFF is always fun, regardless of whether or not your shopping is successful. Such a lovely city.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a visit to Carpinito Bros. Pumpkin Patch.

  5. The painting of the loons looks like a Bateman.

    1. Thanks, William. You are right! I totally forgot that it was an exhibit by Bateman!

  6. You were certainly very busy for a not-very-busy week! I always love seeing the sculptures you find and share.

  7. Your quiet week would be a busy one for me! Cheers

  8. Lovely collection of photos from the week

    Thank you for linking up

  9. I haven't read Sweetbitter because I hear so many different opinions about it; people either really love it or really do not like it.

  10. You look busy. Love the Halloween pic

  11. Odd weeks have to be there too! You still did some things:):) LOVE that sculpture. It reminds me on the style of Zadkine in Rotterdam, Holland (I think his sculpture originated in the 70ties). Hope you liked the outfit you purchased:) Thanks for this odd week experience with all Seasons, and have a beautiful one (this week)!


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