Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Finds

Starts with P
Looking Up

The first will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second and third will be different each time.
Hosted by Friday Finds and this is V4 or round 4!!!

Also playing along at ABC Wednesday

Eh to Zed

For this round of the alphabet I am going to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday by showcasing towns across the county.
We'll be criss-crossing across the country, from the Atlantic coast of the Maritime provinces of Nova Scota, New Brunswick and PEI to Ontario then to Alberta back to Ontario and into Quebec and then way out west to the Pacific coast in British Columbia. We also stop in Manitoba.

Starts with P

Portage la Prairie is a small city in the Central Plains Region of Manitoba.. As of 2016, the population was 13,304/Portage la Prairie is located approximately 75 kilometres (47 mi) west of Winnipeg, along the Trans-Canada Highway (located exactly between the provincial boundaries of Saskatchewan and Ontario), and sits on the Assiniboine River, which flooded the town persistently until a diversion channel north to Lake Manitoba (the Portage Diversion) was built to divert the flood waters.

It's claim to fame is this pop can water tower.

The shuttle driver took a different route downtown on Wednesday and I spotted this new, not yet complete mural.

I snapped this photo on Wednesday before I knew what this week's prompts were.


  1. The tower is always looking impressive.

  2. ...Jackie, a neat collection. The water tower and mural and the tower are perfect.


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