Thursday, November 2, 2017

One a Day

September 2017 - Rapid City SD

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41. George H. W. Bush (Sr.)

Coming from a family that had a long tradition of public service, George H. W. Bush felt he must make his contribution both in times of peace and war. Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1924. He enlisted in the Navy after graduating from Phillips Academy in Andover and flew 58 combat missions in WWII. He was shot down by Japanese antiaircraft fire and was rescued by a U.S. submarine. Bush attended Yale University, where he played for the baseball team. He later started a career in the oil industry of West Texas. After serving in a number of high level positions, Bush was chosen as Vice President to Ronald Reagan. In 1988, Bush won the Republican nomination with running mate Dan Quayle, and eventually, the Presidential election. As President, Bush faced a quickly changing global stage. His greatest test came when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and threatened to invade Saudi Arabia. Bush sent 425,000 troops who, along with 118,000 allied nation troops, thwarted Iraq's million-man army in what was dubbed Operation: Desert Storm. The statue of George H. W. Bush stands on the corner of 6th St. & Main St. next to a globe, which seems fitting considering his heavy involvement in the international arena.

Sculptor: Edward E. Hlavka

03 Jefferson
04 Madison
06 Adams
09 Harrison
10 Tyler
15 Buchanan
16 Lincoln
17 Johnson
19 Hayes
20 Garfield
26 Roosevelt
27 Taft
32 Roosevelt
33 Truman
36 Johnson
37 Nixon

39 Carter

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  1. This one is strongly rendered. Another complicated one. The way he and his team ran Desert Storm was good- going in with clear plans and objectives, executing that war in just the right way, and it was a good deal more justifiable compared to the second go around.


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