Sunday, November 19, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

November 2017 - Wytheville VA

Wytheville’s Smallest Church is a tiny attraction with big faith. As one of America’s smallest churches, the site has become popular for visitors. The 12×16 space was constructed by Brian Wolford after he realized how close he felt to God in a small space. The church has a Godly mission to allow the same peace, solace, and faith to anyone who passes by.


  1. ...Jackie, I've seen some small ones and this is a sweet little one!

  2. Jackie, here in Texas, very close to my home, we have one called "The Smallest Catholic Church". I like the message at the altar...thanks with sharing your photos.

  3. Nice and tidy little church. I remember stopping to visit one up int the Thousand Islands several years ago, also built of wood.

  4. I also feel a little closer to God in a small space.
    It looks like it isn't very old.


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