Thursday, November 16, 2017

One a Day

September 2017 - Rapid City SD

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38. Gerald Ford

Ford's statue stands on the corner of 7th St. & St. Joseph St. with his golden retriever "Liberty." The circumstances that led Ford into the Presidency were certainly extraordinary. He was the first Vice President ever chosen under the terms of the Twenty-fifth Amendment, and he also succeeded the first President to ever resign. Gerald Ford was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1913. Soon he was starring on the University of Michigan football team, and later, assistant coaching at Yale while earning his law degree. Ford served in the Navy during World War II, ascending to the rank of lieutenant commander, before being elected to Congress in 1948. Ford served a difficult four years in office, combating everything from inflation and recession, to preventing war in the Middle East. He won the Republican nomination for Presidency in 1976, but eventually lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Sculptor: James Michael Maher

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11 Polk
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20 Garfield
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24 Cleveland
26 Roosevelt
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30 Coolidge
32 Roosevelt
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36 Johnson
37 Nixon

39 Carter
41 Bush Sr.

43 Bush Jr

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  1. He certainly didn't have it easy, but no one could have come out of the circumstances he got into office with unmarked by what had come before.


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