Saturday, November 11, 2017



We drove to Montreal to visit family.

For dinner we had raclette, which is a lot of fun when you have a crowd. There was chicken, steak , sausage and shrimp along with a multitude of vegetables to be topped with cheese and then melted.


More family visiting and dinner at Baton Rouge.


We did the drive home, in case you are wondering it is about a five hour drive from Montreal to Toronto, not including gas and bathroom breaks, plus traffic.

Baked these four ingredient almond butter oatmeal cookies, they were pretty good, I would probably add raisins the next time.

I also made high fiber sandwich bread from Against the Grain, which turned out well.


Although our week certainly wasn't exciting we did get a lot of housekeeping items done. We received an estimate for painting the condo, cleared out some more stuff and changed some photos around. I also placed an order for a new print for one of the bathrooms.  John also wiped clean 2 cellphones, 2 Kobo readers, an Acer computer, printer and an iPad which he then took to a recycling centre. A broken shredder went into the garbage.

Movie day, we saw American Made which was quite good and provided a great history lesson.

I made cabbage rolls with ground pork which John did not enjoy as much as when I use beef.


When I got up the sun was reflecting off some buildings.

A new billboard as I headed into town.

As I headed home.

We both had a hankering for Asian chicken wraps.


There were some good deals on meat at Longo's so I headed there while John took the car in for winterizing.


Made my slow cooker ribs, way better than any out.

And another from Against the Grain, orange gingerbread, delicious! Recipe to come.


Girls' day and lunch.


Finished Afterwards and enjoyed it so I also read Sister also by Lupton.
I also finished Juliet, Naked by Hornby  and as always enjoyed his irreverent humour and insights. His characters often say what we are thinking.

 I finally got back to White Nights, while good, is not catching my attention. Abandoned...

I did get into The Mothers and it does have me!

I skimmed The Soup Club Cookbook while in transit. The premise is that you and three friends take turns making a big batch of soup weekly and delivering to the others. Not a bad idea as they all have large young families.

There are lots of good soup recipes with clearly defined instructions. They have a blog with many of the recipes.


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  1. Nice effects of the light in your sunrise and sunset photos.

    Best... mae at

  2. Always something interesting on your site. Love the idea of soup sharing- I do that with my daughter in law- cool reflection on the buildings and the link for the almond butter cookies doesn't work.

  3. I have to now google what is entailed with winterizing your car. The building reflections sre good.

    1. It includes, Oil change and filter, cabin filter, topping all fluid levels, checking all systems and components, checking tires for wear, checking brakes, and changing to winter tires.

    2. Thanks John. It is not so different to a normal car service, except for changing the tyres. Are the tyres hired or stored, and if so, where?

    3. It is a little different in that they also check the outside of the vehicleand do their 14 point maintenance check. They do not store the tires.

    4. You buy your winter tires (although Ford is offering them free at the moment with a new car purchase) and store them yourself. Some states and provinces mandate that you must have your winter tires on by a certain date.

  4. Good job on clearing out this week. I just love the way your photos captured the light.

  5. Love the reflection photo. You had another busy week.

  6. My in-laws enjoyed American Made as well.

  7. I love that photo of the sun gleaming on the buildings!

  8. Montreal is one city I have always wanted to visit in Canada.


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