Friday, November 10, 2017

Rose Carousel Victoria BC

September 2017 - Victoria BC

Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens Dahlias

The Rose Carousel, crafted by Brass Ring Entertainment of Sun Valley, California is the only carousel on Vancouver Island. The menagerie includes thirty animals ranging from bears, to horses, to ostriches, to zebras, to cats and mirrors the world from which The Gardens draws its visitors. The designs were hand picked by Robin Clarke, The Gardens' owner and great grand daughter of Jennie Butchart, in consultation with an artist from North Carolina. The carvings were done by some of the few remaining carvers of carousel art. Each animal is carved from basswood and took many months to complete. There are also two chariots able to accommodate disabled persons.

The Rose Carousel is housed within the 700 sq m (7,534 sq ft) Children’s Pavilion, which has a dome with a 23 m (75 ft) clear span, a full-fronted glass fa├žade and a roof planted with native plant species. Wikipedia


  1. Imaginary decorations on this carousel - I love it! And am sure the children are excited!

  2. Oh, I wanna be a child and ride...!
    Sorry, I'm very late (have healthy problems and a sick old mother).
    Thanks for joining, have a nice sunday


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