Friday, July 25, 2014

Sepia Saturday July 26

Sepia Saturday

Today's theme is:
238 : Signs, big signs, small signs, men with their hands in their pockets

Men with their hands in their pockets - My Dad in Dublin around 1950.

 In both photos he has a knitted vest underneath. The shirt style in the second photo is very different, it seems to be a tab collar (has a small tab that fastens the points together underneath the knot) since he has a tie pin on.
If it was a pin collar I would assume you wouldn't wear a tie pin.

In looking through 1950 photos online it appears most men wore hats. I don't think my Dad ever did.

I believe he is standing in the front door of his house on Mourne Rd in Drimnagh. My aunt continues to live in this house.

More men with their hands in their pockets.

Image and information below from A history of men's' suits.

The 1900s started with  a sack coat is officially defined as a 'man's hiplength coat with a straight back'. This is not to be confused with the lounge coat.


This is a famous photo of the heads of state at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, 1919, wear morning dress and lounge suits. A morning dress a definite 'sir' suit. It's basically what overtook the frock suit in popularity for the formal daytime suit option.



  1. Your dad was indeed a sharp dresser, and in those photos he seems so cool and casual. My dad often had his hand in a pocket jiggling his keys or coins.

  2. Yes that was my thought too; your dad looks very smart. He has a nice genuine smile too.

  3. Looking at the range of photos you have here made me wonder - why do men put only one hand in a pocket? I'd only put my hands in my pockets if I were cold, (I think)

  4. I hadn't realized there were so many different styles of collar for men's shirts. Interesting.

  5. Nice photos. I think one hand in the pocket gives a man like your Dad a debonair, man-about-town look, whereas having both hands in pockets would look a little shifty, and maybe down at heel.

  6. Shiny shoes. Hankys in pocket. What was that phrase that was in The World's Fastest Indian movie ?...."spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch" - getting dressed in the old days used to be a whole lot more complicated.

  7. And then there was Napoleon. I've always wondered what he was about with that hand inserted under his coat lapels?

  8. There is a local store that always seems to have the window mannikins with a hand in the pocket like the first pose. I assume it is to show off more of the clothing and make it more interesting.

  9. I’m glad someone took up the ‘hands in pocket’ challenge; it gave us a sight of your good-looking Dad!


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