Monday, July 28, 2014

Our World Tuesday

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Our World Tuesday

July 2014 - Toronto ON

On Saturday my BFF and I went to the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art, a free museum.

Here is a link to the magnificent mural painted outside.
An intimate portrayal of gay male sexuality and beauty in the face of mortality is on view in Par amour / Paramour. From Stephen Andrews’ iconic Facsimile drawings that memorialize men lost to AIDS-related illnesses in the early 90s, to Robert Flack’s ornate depictions of the male body as a vessel of tantric power in response to his own diagnosis as HIV+, the exhibition features drawings, prints, photography, and an ambient audio soundtrack by Andrew Zealley that together etch a moving and emotional record of a community that came of age through its adversity in the face of loss. The show takes its title from Jean-Luc Verna’s work that subverts an emblematic Hollywood studio name and logo to reference the existence of a “paramour,” an illicit lover, as well as to an act done “par amour”: by love.

Stephen Andrews, Robert Flack, Jean-Luc Verna, Andrew Zealley

I was especially drawn to the Robert Flack display as the colours were so vivid.

My photos are not the best, I was surprised I was even allowed to take any, as the overhead lights and reflections were getting in the way.

Anatomical Garden - Ascent - Circle

Circle - Vitality - Portal

 Passage - Warrior - Crown

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